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  1. All smells like shit to me
  2. and put your clothes back on whilst you're at it!
  3. Strange atmosphere? Think you were at a different set sir. That moment when he clearly couldn't do the chorus so all of us sang for him and he just played and smiled was just amazing
  4. Paul Heaton will be such a dull headliner
  5. The bastards, it's like someone just made a random date with a tenuous at best link and the world went crazy...
  6. DFS have confirmed a big announcement first thing tomorrow morning... now we all know the naysayers, lachanophobes and renegade masters amongst us will probably say it will be about their best ever 2000% off, 86 year interest free credit, pick you own sale but I'm pretty confident it'll be about the KC lineup! I'll be there at 5am just in case!
  7. I actually kind of like the drum roll or it, although the leak last year spoilt that. I think it would be great if maybe just for the headlines and 2/3 subs they announced each day every hour on the hour etc. Make a really big deal of it! Of course that doesn't work if they only have the Frank Turners/ Paul Heaton type bookings!
  8. I don't think I could bear them no matter how stoned you got me!
  9. Just to clarify, they are not my replies!
  10. Too many inappropriate swipes on tinder?
  11. Apparently the Shitpots have confirmed... that they're not playing!
  12. bottonrob

    Radio X

    Have something on their FB page that just says 'Monday 8am' so that could be the KC lineup or possibly something else!
  13. I could see Sheds as Thursday headline
  14. Yep, nasty turn of events with the irony being that the restraining order she served on me was virtually identical to the one I served on you!.. oh and whilst I am at it, Mrs Botton knows it was you who stole her mask. It didn't work last year and it won't work in me again this year. (maybe try it with @thurlow84 though?)
  15. Madness are just dull. Mrs said she'd like to see them and just thought it was me being an arse (like it normally is). we watched 2 songs then she said they are boring aren't they! we took a stroll past woodlands and ended up dancing to a marching brass band playing prodigy in one of my ever best ever kendal calling moments ever. ever ever.
  16. slight amendment as I delve into the realism that Pulp will not be playing and Belinda will only be there if I convince Mrs Botton to wear the cardboard cutout mask
  17. Ok final cut with the rumoured 1st announcement on the 31st January. I'm going for bigger names pretty much and just hoping to get 5/6 which would match my best tally ever. 5 years I've been doing this now!!! Fun Lovin Criminals Pulp Liam Gallagher Jesus Jones Lowes Marsicans Garage Sleeper Reverend and the Makers Cast Texas Chemical Brothers Snow Patrol The Sherlocks The Amazons Jamie T Kasabian Shed Seven Jeramiah Ferrari Fratellis
  18. reckon they're going for a slightly trimmed down line up this year? each act playing 4 * 12 hour sets is certainly a gamble but could work
  19. 1st early bird stab... Fun Lovin Criminals Pulp Belinda Carlisle (I'll ask her again soon!) Jesus Jones Lowes Marsicans Garage Sleeper Reverend and the Makers Cast Texas Chemical Brothers Chvrches The Sherlocks The Amazons Jamie T Kasabian Shed Seven Justified Ancients of Mu Mu Fratellis
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1UCmxhvGes Hi all, more than a few of you will have met my daughter over the last few years. She has entered this year the OpenMic vocal competition and recently progressed through the regional finals and is on the NW&Scotland Finals later on this year. Attached is her regional performance. Woodland stage next year? Rob
  21. I believe we have to wait for the royal decree from @ramragon
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