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  1. Jaybles


    Its not too bad actually, should be able to catch my breath enough.....in theory.
  2. Jaybles


    Yea I will see how my fitness hold up on Sunday
  3. Jaybles


    Starting my first game as tight-end for the Portsmouth Dreadnoughts this Sunday in the BAFA National South-West league. Playing the Bournemouth Bobcats. Should be a great experience and am looking forward to playing a full game.
  4. I thought the final two episodes were fantastic. So here are my two cents.
  5. Agree, thought it was a great episode, nice distraction from the prison/woodbury feud
  6. I realise its not as simple as I stated. I guess I just have a problem with the word 'bonus' being used. If it is in your contract to do a job by a certain standard, why is it a bonus? It should just be your standard pay. Joe public will see the word 'bonus' and ask "What have they done to deserve a bonus? Especially in a Government owned business. My bonus is exactly that. A bonus that is on top of my remuneration and is not guaranteed. So when I do receive something, it is by that very definition......a bonus.
  7. So they pay bonuses despite losing 5.2 billion. I would hate to see what bonus they are given if they actually turn a profit. Its crazy. I know its not as simple as that but how many people here would get a bonus if their company was losing money year on year? Last year I was given a small bonus due to the work I had done for my company. It wasn't much but I appreciated it and didn't expect it, as the company had not met its targets for the year. That being said, they still made profit and that was reflected in the amount given. I know RBS have to remain competitive in the staff they hire, but if they feel the need to pay out such massive bonuses to hang on to executives who aren't delivering then something is wrong!
  8. It's all building up nicely. They certainly all have communication problems though.
  9. Great finale to an up and down season of Dexter. One more season to go and they have set it up brilliantly.
  10. Why won't you use torrents? Kat.ph has been my go to for some time now
  11. Such a good episode. Cant wait for the return.
  12. Not long, will be watching Monday night along with Dexter.
  13. Jaybles


    I think I need to watch Skyfall again as I was a bit tired when I watched it. I was not overly impressed though. It was good but not the best. I prefer Casino Royale.
  14. It was an amazing night wasn't it? So many people having a great time. Euphoric is the word. Something tells me you like Frank Turner? I have on the occasion seen a band twice on the same tour, I dont think I could stretch to more than that though
  15. Not everyone's cup of tea but Andrew WK was immense at the HMV forum the other night. The guy getting on stage at about 6 seconds in the blue tshirt is me. Such a fun night. Never been in a crowd that up for a laugh.
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