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  1. stripeyhat


    Hurrah!! Another person who went to see Bodycount If their Reading set was even half as good as they were at Leeds they are well deserved of the top score - bloody brilliant weren't they :)
  2. Bit late but I'm bringing fairy lights
  3. Oh hell That's not good. Have you been there a while - as in enough time to at least get some kind of redundancy package to keep the wolf from the door? Will keep my fingers crossed you get something sorted sharpish!
  4. Not if you sleep with them on you. Tied round your neck/wrist on a bit of string or something....
  5. While I do this myself, I read on another forum about someone getting stuff nicked from inside their sleeping bag while they were in it that is indeed a great idea benj (though that is a very good point, Neil ) That is brilliant Might have to nick that idea off you (and yours too benj!) Wow, I got through a post about tent thefts without once mentioning putting the lock-ups to use!! Oh.... um spoke too soon
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    Glade 06

    Glade 06
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    Glade/Glasto Calendar Pics

    Small Test Pictures only!
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    Leeds calendar pics

  9. stripeyhat

    Stripeyhat's Glastonbury 2005 pics

    What it says on the tin.....
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