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    Little bit of a hippy chic. A slightly eclectic taste in music. An absolutely definitely geek. Grumpy old woman. Rottweiler when provoked. Mostly, though, listen for the laughter, you'll find me.
  1. Somersetsun

    Sunday 6th Sale: Post Backdoor URLs in this thread if you get through

    Hmmmm. Are See piling IP ranges into DDOS buckets...Have they set parameters which say 'if IP hits server more than x times in x seconds, do not serve page'. Cos that's what it felt like was happening. I literally stopped mashing redial on my mobile to call the telephone number, disabled wifi, went to google, googled see tickets glastonbury, clicked first link, following link to seetickets from glastonbury festival page, entered my reg codes etc, submitted, entered payment details, submitted and got confirmation. No timeouts anywhere in process at about 10 past 10 I think. The other 2 ipads on wifi therefore in same IP range, occasionally got the retrying in 20 seconds page which I let run down and only refreshed when they timed out of that loop. The 2 laptops I'd been mashing f5 on never loaded a single page. But then others of you who've been mashing f5 got in fine, right?
  2. I hate it too. But you get mahoosive points from me for retaining the 'see full version' link on the mobile page it chucked me to. Aces.
  3. Somersetsun

    It might work...

    Blog number 3. Lets see how this goes. If nothing else, it'll help try and keep track of who we want to see at Glastonbury. Which is going to be tricky considering we're a couple with quite disparate music tastes to start with and he's only coming to Glastonbury to humour me. So. I'm a mid 30's woman with a premier sub to Spotify and a lot of downloaded playlists in my phone. I listen to a lot of music through a very nice pair of headphones that are so shiny I'm too embarrassed to wear them outside of work. I'm shy, crowdphobic, probably slightly aspie and a professional geek. No, I don't know why 137,000 bod festival sounded like a good idea either. I just got sick of not doing stuff cos I was scared I guess. Anyway. I need to go work out what I want to write about here.
  4. Home Bargains are doing branded sun tan lotion cheaply http://www.homebargains.co.uk/category/163-sun-care-and-tanning.aspx delivery came to 2.99 for me tho.
  5. Regatta have an online outlet store http://www.regattaoutlet.co.uk/ walking boots 20 quid I think, fleeces a tenner, tshirts couple of quid, lurid bright pink backpack also on there (35l, ridiculously cheap but frak me it's PINK). Disclaimer: regatta aren't the best outdoor clothing company in the world. Their wicking tshirts do, but not as well as paramo ones do, for example.
  6. Arse. Quite why they leave sold out items on the site I'll never understand. Sorry. I must have missed that!
  7. Alpkit are doing 'used once' inflatable mats for 20 quid. Bargain. http://www.alpkit.com/shop/cart.php?target=product&product_id=16995&category_id=282
  8. Somersetsun

    Last night i watched Jools Holland........... and

    Did no one like Lau? I thought it was quite interesting watching them looking sliiiiightly uncomfortable before pulling it together and grinning a bit.