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    SunDance 2012

    I went to a really cool festival a couple of years ago called SunDance. They are having another one this year in October. It is in Turkey. It had a really great vibe with lovely friendly people. It's small which I really liked as you feel completely safe with everyone looking out for each other. It was on a private beach, surrounded by mountains, forest and ancient ruins. We were dancing in the sea. Absolutely stunning! The music is a variety of different genres ranging from electro house, house, breakbeat and psy trance. The festival this year has got some good names including Tom Real, Aphid Moon and Aliji. Most of the tree houses have sold out but they've still got some Turkish tents and camping spaces available. I would really recommend it. Have a look on: www.facebook.com/#!/groups/110817288964897 www.sundancemusicfest.com