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  1. Wish I'd done 8. How do i now work Warhaus into my list?
  2. ...hhhmmmm Oh Sees Hookworms IDLES Vampire Weekend Jeff Tweedy Richard Dawson Julia Holter Flatworms Ezra Shame Apart from first three, that wasn't easy
  3. It clearly is personal taste WM, we were on the rail for Pond, and had Mac Demarco carried over our heads, at the end of his crowd surf from the Woods stage, but I get what you mean. It's a great line-up, and plenty there for everyone
  4. Really? it is one of those things one has to get over, I'm afraid...or get down the front and join in! I'd suggest that Shame my have this type of following by September. I'll let you know after I've seen them in April
  5. Not too sure that Oh Sees would be classed as a GTBGB, and also not too sure how many GTBGB's there were last year. it is, of course, horses for courses and what you like.
  6. i don't remember 2016 being a "wash-out". rained for about 5 hours on Saturday afternoon/evening. Through Goat amd Local natives I recall. 2017 Sunday was raining at 07:30 when I went for a leak, still raining at 02:00 when leaving the tipi.
  7. <<quietly>>>>, sorry didn't see this post before i put mine up....I'll get my coat
  8. New album from Decemberists, and touring North America until end of June, and US festival in August. yes, please....but don't put yourself out, Colin "* mostly North America for now, perhaps a bit of the UK and Europe plus parts of Australia later on if we’re really up to it"
  9. Why am i still at work? Gives me time to have a think about this.... Okkervil River The Decemberists Spoon Big Thief King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Ezra Furman Manchester Orchestra Josefin Ohrn Mush Idles Kevin Morby Pinkshinyultrablast Ride
  10. Got to be nailed on for Friday, or surprise for Thursday
  11. I'm sort of expecting a bigger name to headline up against Bill Callahan with him playing the Garden Stage. I don't think BC is quite as big, and will ram the arena, as much as some think. I may be one of two dissenters on here, but this forum is not the representative view of the festival goers. Let's call them the youngsters, shall we? Probably not aware of Callahan's pedigree and style...may be seeking alternative entertainment.
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