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  1. I can't believe anyone would still wanna pay £30 to see that little prick!!!
  2. Fladog

    Glastonbury flu

    I still feel like my nose isn't mine and the dreams/nightmares are fucking awful, but fuck me what a good time we all had getting in this state, I wouldn't change a thing.......
  3. Fladog

    Fake security?

    I was staying in Tangerine fields so had to pass through pedestrian gate B every morning to get in and on the Friday morning it took up to hour to get in coz the security had been warned about the amount of people entering with fake wristbands so were basically triple checking everyone coming and going
  4. Fladog

    Fake security?

    A friend of mine got caught sniffing some coke around the park area by 2 "dubious" looking thugs in hi vis, neither had id to show him and were been pretty aggressive towards him to hand it over, which eventually he did but not realising he'd given them a gram of ket instead of the coke they wanted!!!!! Lets hope they didn't have to much of a big line.....
  5. WOW, did that actually happen???? which ever twat it was that did it should be sent to prison he could of killed someone easily, what a complete w*nker........
  6. Fladog

    Overheard funnies

    In the queue for the bogs at the back of west holts before Justice, some guy was on his phone presumably to his missus back home when a group of girls started talking/shouting about last nights love island, how they watched it I don't know, but this guy must of taken offence by their annoying screeching of said shit programme, and declared at the top of his voice that his shit had hide back into his bumhole because it didn't want to be poo'd into a world in which "twatty" love island takes place!!!
  7. Fladog

    Bar prices

    I love this little bar, absolutely awesome cocktails
  8. Fladog


    Its just something new for people to moan about
  9. Fladog


    Jonny Depp has been added to the line up???? Anyone heard he's musical talents or will he be coming as Jack Sparrow????
  10. Watching drunk people try walk in the mud is very funny...... But its not going to be muddy this year, is it!!!
  11. Fladog

    That one song !

    Shaggy - Mr Boombastic
  12. I'll en route to Leeds to watch the Stone Roses whilst getting stupidly excited until we set off Wednesday morning
  13. Try and see 3 bands that i'd planned to see
  14. Fladog

    JUNE AT LAST!!!!!!!!

    The election silly
  15. Fladog

    Weird Placings 2017

    They confuse the shit out of me regardless of stage placing
  16. Fladog

    Weird Placings 2017

    This is a complete mind fuck, what a ridiculous time from them to be playing????? Surly they SHOULD and DESERVE to be much higher even to sub the other stage, how are the Kaiser fucking chiefs getting a better slot????? RUBY RUBY FUCK OFF!!!
  17. Fladog

    JUNE AT LAST!!!!!!!!

    Happy GLASTONBURY month dudes.....................
  18. I was thinking more about having a wee in your sleeping bag then actually croaking it!!!
  19. Could be in serious trouble tho drinking lots of water then passing out in to a deep drunken sleep
  20. The time around sunset is amazing, as the suns going down you can feel the whole festival is coming up ready for the night
  21. Underworld, because I made the school boy error and went to see disclosure instead!!!!!!!!!! Or the streets because they were always awesome live
  22. I'll happily test anyone's drugs free of charge if it helps
  23. I find the stone circle more then comfy to catch some zzzzzzzzzzzz
  24. Fladog

    Crowd surfing

    Brudenell in leeds is by far my favourite place to watch gigs, I saw slaves there a couple of years ago, WOW...............
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