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  1. Am i the only one looking at the pop, jazz, electrobic, world music, no wave, noise rock at the undercard and thinking 'shit this selection is fucking gilden' the one crticism id usualltly level at this fest is the lack of diversity at times but this year
  2. Oh well. Woods stage is my least fac anyways, any excuse to spend more time at the Big Top and Garden stage is fine by me
  3. Just a reminder that none of the bands have been bolded yet and these 4 nay not be the headliners. Wouldnt mind seeing Metronomy but the others o can take or leave. But eyeballing the rest of the line up there is A LOT of stuff i want to see and are likely to headline the same time as the current set of proposed headliners Overall im thrilled by the line up, a lot of fun upbest stuff
  4. Mixed recycling is absolutely a thing. In Brighton you have a bin for all recycling apart from Glass which needs to be separated.
  5. Yeah the kid was clearly having the time of his life so I wouldn't look down on it, risky of course, but the crowd at this festival are for the most part not completely inhabilitated so I was never that concerned.
  6. The lead guitars amp was busted for the first few songs. Once the amp got replaced the chorus of 'turn it up' stopped and it sounded great.
  7. As amazing as End of The Road was. And it was AMAZING! I am SOOOOOO happy to be laying on my bed right now. For the record: TOP 5 that I saw. 1, Josh T Pearson. 2, Screaming Females 3, Omar Souleyman 4, St. Vincent 5, Something (cant remember the first word) & The Sniffers But in reality everything I saw deserved a place on this list. Apologise to everyone for me and my group constantly yelling the Wallace and Gromit theme Saturday night, we got over excited after watching it in the morning Personal highlight: Ezra Furman cracking out an amazing cover of Smashing Pumpkins seminal classic ‘Tonight’ and the flawless weather. Lowlight: The beer ran out, as much as I enjoy ale I can't be doing it in the sun like that The £10 for a pint of Beavertown was for the beers that were designed to be sold in halves to be fair, but yeah I aint paying that
  8. Forecast update: Slightly improved, no real chance of rain until Monday night
  9. Don't know what festival you attended but Friday and Saturday were lovely. I READ IT WRONG! Yeah lets hope
  10. Yesiamaduck


    4.50 - 6.50 depending on what you're drinking Most are around the 4.50 - 5.00 mark
  11. I may have done a tiny excited wee
  12. Nothing like the Sunday last year please! I put on a brave smile in the afternoon but by about 7pm I was starting to get a tad sad lol
  13. Yesiamaduck


    No. Also being in the middle of nowhere means there are no stores nearby. If you have a car I'd advise buying more and leaving it in your boot. Otherwise it'll be wise to maybe load on spirits (you can buy softdrinks on site) and stick to mixers if load is an issue
  14. The Lock Up can provide you with portable batteries, forgot what it cost but it was very inexpensive.
  15. Day before the event, going to take it as gospel
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