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  1. New Monster Rally album out folks.... https://monsterrally.bandcamp.com/album/adventures-on-the-floating-island "Lounge!" I'd love to hear him perform at EOTR...
  2. Buddha would share...i think you should add "tight" to aforementioned ?
  3. you don't sound very buddha mate. Maybe change your handle to fat cwbran aggy cVnt?
  4. I was there for a bit of one of the games at the top of the woods stage so from the other perspective: that game of cricket* was hilarious; there were about 40 fielders round the bat at one point, some great chirp going on for both batsman and bowler. A couple of catches went down which built to the atmosphere and when the lad was finally caught close in, the field erupted into a huge (for a cricket game)mosh pit, pogoing and hugging and cheering. Those memories will be spoken of for years, long after you have stopped tutting at it ? Moaning about how other people enjoy festivals is, i fear, symptomatic of how intolerant we have become as a society. We are too quick to pass judgement from.our own points of views. To bash people for being in the insta crowd for instance when we've facilitated that environment for our youngsters is frankly, fucking ridiculous. That is youth culture, we have allowed big tech to run our world, now our younger generations have been brought up in it - don't then have a pop at them for conforming with it's pressures. *I'd also like to add how heartened I was by how much cricket i saw being played around the place. Clearly the WC and Ashes have been having an effect.?
  5. Too many kids???? Wtaf? Just when i thought the moaning had covered just about everything, somebody drops that??
  6. PC better be godamawesome!!! My first time seeing them!!!?
  7. As long as it's beaming sunshince for Israel Nash ?
  8. I went, no drama at all. Took the bonus of £10 for a pre-festie £150 top up, spent my £160, topped up another £50 on the Sunday, no queue, got a refund for the remainder in a simple reverse transaction afterwards.... I couldn't for the life of me work out what people had against it. Especially at something like Bluedot which is all about science and tech. The strangest thing for me was the realisation that I inadvertanlty tap my arse about 50 times a day checking my wallet is there. In not taking a wallet out, I kept spooking myself every 10 minutes! Strange behaviours!!!
  9. can't believe I'm sitting here F5ing like a Glasto Sunday in October....
  10. Shhh, you're not allowed to mention Gre** M** festival in here, someone gets grumpy!
  11. Yeah, was pretty wet that sunday? although, 2016 beautiful days takes some beating, as does the 2008(?the who headliners) glasto which didn't seem to stop sat and sun! Ironically, we had lost our tent the year before in the floods and had joked it couldn't be that bad again. It was worse! Give me homelessness over constant rain!! Getting quite excited about eotr now, cheers for the band tips as well everyone!
  12. How was the weather/ground for green man? We've nearly gone for years but never made it. Crazy really cos it always looks so good...
  13. <sob> the disadvantage of going with a little person. I didn't see much of the late stuff. A mate said Snapped Ankles was mayhem... Going solo this year though ? All in....
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