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  1. spammachine


    I've just created a vid charting my progress up the Paragliding learning curve. Just about to hit CP and hill convert, then I'm good to fly outside of the school. &fmt=18
  2. spammachine

    The Pets Thread

    She's a hooded - although it seems to extend a bit further than previous hooded I've had. Get a new rat, you know you want too My wife said i couldn't get any more, but last decemember I happened to see chicken in a petshop and I couldn't resist (this let to me buying moomin too!)
  3. spammachine

    The Pets Thread

    Two is a good number and is the minimum you should get - they keep each other company and are very sociable. I used to have 2 but that number grew to 4 . I bought chicken but she was really shy and timid at first and just sat on her hammock - so i went back to the pet shop and got another rat from the cage she was in (moomin). Now they're all really firendly - I think the younger ones learnt to trust humans from the older ones.
  4. spammachine

    The Pets Thread

    They climp everything - which can be a pain when the 4 of them are out - you have to keep a watchful eye on them. Be careful of them climbing your legs if you have shorts or such on - it can make your eye's water slightly
  5. spammachine

    The Pets Thread

    Rat's are awesome. The ones I've got know there name and will run and jump on your hand to be carried about - they're very tame and friendly. Even though chicken is the littlest rat, she wins fights with all the others - I think they're slightly scared by her mutant looks.
  6. spammachine

    The Pets Thread

    I've currently got 4 rats: Kiwi Feijoa Moomin Chicken