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  1. wish I was closer by a few miles, the outer zone ends 2 miles from me and i just got straight on the page why could it not be that easy on ticket day! was trying to be cheeky but put reg in and it flashed up local only.
  2. going back to sleep, on night shifts!
  3. Goldytap

    The Streets

    I thought the same thing, felt very crushed in jobn peel and looks like stewards stopped some people going into the field as so busy.
  4. Goldytap

    Red Arrows

    Depart Exeter at 1230 tomorrow to do a fly past at Trowbridge at 1244 so maybe they will go over again tomorrow? Salisbury after that.
  5. whoop whoop! Any other Froomies present?
  6. Was going to quote the post about the Norwegians then I realised its about 10 pages back. But yes the Norwegians are always right, that's why my brother married one.
  7. Got my Sunday local ticket this morning (Frome girl here). Opened the door to postie with a grin on his face saying Going to Glastonbury?
  8. Fell asleep with phone in hand reading this thread, woke up and picked it straight up to continue reading..... And I've only got a Sunday ticket so all goes down to that 1 day for me
  9. Goldytap

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    Faces of Disco confirmed on their Facebook page for theatre and circus.
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