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  1. Pooog

    Rolling Stones...

    The clip of Glastonbury Girl was on YouTube last night, can't find it now. But - here are the lyrics (to tune of Factory Girl): Waiting for a girl she was wearing cut-off jeans Waiting for a girl and her wellies were bright green I met her pee-ing in the stream Waiting for my Glastonbury Girl Gave her all my wet wipes washed off all her dirt Lit her up a cigarette I gave her my clean shirt Offered her my luxury yurt Waiting for a Glastonbury Girl Waiting on a hill sucking a balloon Waiting for a girl gonna sing a high-pitched tune I aint slept since Wednesday afternoon Waiting for my Glastonbury Girl Waiting for a girl helped her put up her tee-pee Waiting for a girl she took all my ecstasy Now she's off with Primal Scream Waiting for a Glastonbury Girl Still waiting for my Glastonbury Girl Must've been a great moment
  2. Pooog

    Nick Cave

    Looked great watching online. Perching on a rail using the audience for balance is a risk too far for most performers. I thought 2009 was pretty intense but was actually there, so difficult for me to compare both.
  3. Pooog

    Rolling Stones...

    I thought You Can't Always Get What You Want (glasto ticket) was good.
  4. Ello, please can you try:

    40574556 - RG247EE

    64684672 - BB113BJ

    Don't know if will work, probably all sold out but thanks hugely for trying for me :)