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  1. also i think it's a bit bad springing it upon people that they'll need certain id with just over a week to go. How would someone be able to get any in that time if they haven't already? i know my situation is slightly different. Just worried now that i may not be able to attend. if they'd stated this when tickets went onsale i wouldn't have bothered.
  2. well that doesn't sound good for anyone who had someone else buy their ticket for them! hopefully i'll get some response from the email.
  3. ok emailed them to ask what's going on. it's annoying as even if tickets are sent out gotta travel 30 miles to collect. wish they were sent out a lot earlier to make life easier.
  4. oh god now I'm confused!! the ticket wasn't bought in my name(they didn't accept electron cards) so wont have any id on me if they need me to pick it up there. was told i have a proof of purchase voucher. just don't wanna go all the way to leicester without a ticket and not get in.
  5. was hoping mine would arrive by today as they're being sent to my mum's house and have to arrange with her to collect them. i go away tomorrow and she goes away next week hence me having to pop over on thursday next week in hope they have arrived.(stepfather bought my ticket for me)
  6. I saw MEGAPHONIC THRIFT tonight and they were superb.made such a wonderful racket. I recommend everyone sees them, well if you like noisy guitars that is!
  7. excellent news! I was always happy with the line up but this just tops it. 2 of my favourite bands playing the weekend (Teenage Fanclub & The Fall)
  8. actually listening to Mumford & Sons tonight I'm warming to watching them rather than Futureheads. I'll see Frightned Rabbit first though definitely don't wanna miss them.
  9. infact indoor stage for the saturday is quality from the off!
  10. The Fall being indoor headliner followed by the whip has just made me very very happy!
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