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  1. Pilton forcefield only activated post 2005 then? I remember what the thunderstorms did on the Thursday night that year. Woke up in the middle of a river, was like being on a water bed I survived and had a wicked festival that year. 2007 was shit though. Warm and wet is OK, cold and wet is leave early territory. Wishing you all a great festival, go see IDLES for me please.
  2. What happens if you get the booking page and it refreshes - does it stay on the booking page due to your 6 min window being in operation?
  3. Thanks all for giving me something to read over the last few days, helped to keep me sane although had ticket nightmares two nights in a row. Woke up at 9.30 this morning, convinced it was Sunday and I had missed the sale... Will be sixth Glasto for me if I make it. Good luck to you all, hoping you get to see the booking screen in the morning. Much love xxx
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