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  1. Oddone

    Nick Cave

    I was suffering from sun burn and cider on Sunday night, and being camped in Kindey Mead I was well within hearing distance so I sat round my tent singing along enjoying it. DId I miss out. I just watched the set after reading about a girl in white. Man I wish Id pulled myself together and dragged my fat ass down there. What an amazing set. That right there is a performer. I hate bands that just play off the CD.
  2. Oddone

    Glasto 2013

  3. Call it what you want next time its going ont he roof of my car with security chasing me, wheels spinning and me wearing sunglasses giving the w*nker sign out the window.
  4. Exactly but I doubt they would be on a pile. Most other peoples might be but these are too pretty to go the same way. Everytime a piece of artwork like this goes to waste Picasso turns in his oddly shaped grave.
  5. Been a big fan of David Walker for a while. Those boards would eb very valuable now. Who got to keep them?
  6. Dude get yourself a DSLR those are really good.
  7. That is a f**king disgrace. I have never left anything at GLasto except rubbish in a bag at the appropriate areas.
  8. I also saw that kid. Flashmob on Thursday?
  9. What were your settings for the firejugglers?
  10. Just out of interest do you sell loads through stock photography?
  11. My 2nd 50 photos are online! http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.159106784157866.38358.154163551318856
  12. The rest are here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.158614074207137.38222.154163551318856
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