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  1. Anyhow, i thought The Big Session this year was the best yet,i particularly enjoyed seeing Julian Gaskell And His Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, great call Rob.
  2. I like the way Bartholomew hasn't rushed back to defend himself wonder why? I also find it rather amusing that he has an obvious soft spot for poetry yet has blatant disregard for spelling and grammar.
  3. The Musician stage seems to have some really good up-coming stuff on this year, Eliza Doolittle, who charted at 26 last month with her first single, she also played live on gmtv and was interviewed on radio 1 on the chart show. Her next single is out in july and is play listed on radio 1 this week. Frankie and The Heartstrings are just hugely popular at the moment so will be great to see them on a small stage at ssw. Harper Simon is on the radio 2 A list this week. Tiffany Page is on the radio 2 a list this week, played live on gmtv yesterday morning, and is plastered all over the myspace homepage today, her single came out monday so i'm pretty sure we will see it in the mid week chart tomorrow and the top 40 on sunday. Thoughts from everybody?
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