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  1. okerich


    Brilliant thank you
  2. okerich


    Hi , Wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction pls. I am looking to buy the line up posters for 2010,2013 and 2015 . I cant seem to find any ! Thanks in advance
  3. So liam and neol are sat at home thinking how can we get oasis back together without us both looking like a pair of Dicks !! I know liam says we will create a virus and release it around the globe and when all the international acts wont travel we can reform at the 11th hour and headline the pyramid and save the day 不不不
  4. okerich

    Tom Jones

    What's peoples thoughts on tom jones opening the festival ??
  5. So our group has decided its fitness training !! Sundays meet up at our local and have a couple of pints , then a 6 mile walk across dartmoor to a village pub have lunch and a minimum of 4 pints and walk back !! Should be ready come june 不不不
  6. okerich

    Merry Christmas

    Xmas pressie from my kids 4 x fish named 1 . Glaston 2. Berry 3. Festi 4. Val The unicorn is just an under water ornament . Got a bit excited this morning when I'd just unwrapped it !!
  7. okerich

    Merry Christmas

    I know this isn't really chat or anything but I thought I'd like to share !! My kids bought me - Glaston Berry Festi Val 4 lovely fish and a unicorn !! One happy dad
  8. okerich

    2020 headliners

    Just a personal wishlist I'd like to see - Friday - Rihanna Sat - Macca Sun - Robbie William's Happy with whoever's really ??
  9. okerich


    Just sat here wondering which way round people go ! Do you buy your campervan ticket first and then look for a van to hire or the other way round? We went motorhome first and hoped for the best in getting a campervan ticket which we lucky enough to get ! Happy days all boxes ticked now ????
  10. Just checked it out on the map and have never made it to green futures and tbh didnt know it was there so 100% gonna check it ou this time ?
  11. This sounds like heaven on this cold wet night , a couple of beers sat by a fire my idea of heaven ??
  12. I'll check out the maps to see where the theatre is , that's what I was trying to ask for a good old song song perfect ????
  13. Thank you that sounds just what we would be looking for ??
  14. So the headline acts have finished and we are looking for something to carry the night on for a bit ! Rather than the real dance areas , are there any recommendations for a couple of beers and maybe a bit of old skool dancing 80/90s spots that anyone might have stumbled upon !!
  15. Great advise thank you
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