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  1. Hello everyone!!! I've been on here a few weeks ago selling my four weekend and four early bird tickets and I am down to my last weekend ticket! A full weekend ticket which arrived 2 days ago so i have it in my hand and i'm not selling for profit!!! £190 is to cover face value plus the admin fee plus postage! If you make a good arguement I may be persuaded to let it go for £185! As i've told people before i'm only selling because my mates bitched out on me so instead we're off to vegas so i don't feel too gutted i'm missin leeds this year! Anyone interested drop me an email! wkd_sej@hotmail.co.uk Have a nice day!!!
  2. Hola!!! Hows everyone doing today? I'm looking to sell my leeds tickets and early bird tickets for this years festival as my friends have all pulled out leaving me with a big hole in my overdraft!!!! I'm looking to sell the lot for around £840 (£200 for main ticket and £10 for early birds!). Ideally like to sell all at once but i'm not really bothered as long as I can sell them all and clear my overdraft pretty sharpish! Anyone interested just drop me an email or reply on here maybe?? (Never posted on a forum site thingy before so don't know how it works!) My email is wkd_sej@hotmail.co.uk Cheers everyone and have a good day!!!
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