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  1. Yeah, I saw the dates..I don’t think he’s taking a month off though personally..I think there are just festivals that haven’t been announced yet.. I’d put them on the Other Stage probably on the Friday, and probably quite early..
  2. I’ve just offered the original (if inactive) crazyfool £25,000 for his name. Awaiting response...
  3. Imagine they played with St Vincent and Grohl’s child again like that charity thingie..nightmare material.
  4. Until you start throwing out wild claims all over the place, there is no evidence you are either crazy, nor a fool.
  5. Call me a god damn crazy fool..but I'd put a bet on the National and Bright Eyes turning up this year. Just have a feeling...
  6. If you’d read the whole thing you’d know I responded nicely to nice people and showed dickheads the contempt they deserve. I don’t want tons of friends. I have 5 already.
  7. I’m not trolling..I like talking to people about this stuff. Not you though, you seem dull.
  8. 1. I’m not trolling in any way. 2. I work on an oil rig, so I have 3 weeks off. 3. It’s obvious you’re afraid of my power. But that’s ok.
  9. Too much tight denim and River Island jewellery..I think i’ll just leave it 🙂
  10. I saw there photo on Apple Music there and decided not to delve any further 😂
  11. You are not the demographic I’m trying to connect with here.
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