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  1. 20 minutes ago, Oceansky said:

    I've been to primavera and would love to go again. The lineup is consistently incredible year after year. I didn't get the same feeling of escapism that I get from greenman though, which left me feeling a little disappointed. I think the sheer size of the thing coupled with the fact that you don't sleep on site takes some of the magic away. 

    A great festival with similar lineup to Primavera is Best Kept Secret Festival in the Netherlands. Headliners this year are The National, Massive Attack and The Stokes. The site is amazing with built in safari Park. Man-made beaches over looking a giant lake Great for an early morning swim. Went last year and wish I could afford to go this year The Dutch are so friendly and the food was great too. 

  2. 1 hour ago, paulwa said:

    I think they probably could, although I was underwhelmed with their last performance there, when sound problems seemed to throw them. It occurred to me that The Twilight Sad would be another great Garden headliner. They have the folk credentials, with some fairly harrowing earlier tracks, plus some noisy indie anthems these days.

    I was lucky enough to see them at Best Kept they were amazing. Definitely an off day for them at EOTR hopefully the sound problems don't put them off coming back

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  3. I went to Best Kept Secret Festival and saw a few acts that are playing EOTR as well. Lewsberg and Crack Cloud were ok. Spiritualized were class, Viagra boys were alot of fun. Though the highlight was Yves Tumor who might upset music purists expecting his live show to sound like his records. He does really put on a show and definitely will surprise everyone

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