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"Have you ever been a part of something...

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...that you thought would never end?"

So it would seem whenever i think my life is getting back on track..something goes wrong. I quit my job so i could concentrate on uni. Since being back at uni i've missed most of my lectures.

I thought i'd met a guy i really liked, who really like me. I went to see him,and we clicked (well i felt like we did). i've not felt that connected with someojne for a long time. But no, stupid me sleeps with him, he then stops speaking to me.

Which then makes me feel like shit, which in turn triggers my depression, which then leads back to me self harming. :( In other words its been a f**ked up week. And i'm pissed off cos i self harmed on my wrist, on the place i was going to get a f**king tattoo if i ever got round to it, now its messed up :(

i need toget a grip otherwise i'm going to lose what control i have left of my life

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