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RIP, cuz John xx

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On Tuesday morning my cousin died.

For the past 18 months hes been batteling leukemia , he went through all treatments till there was nothing they could do. Last week they told us we should just now try and make his life as comfortable as possible. Altho i supose it was in the pipe line, i think everyone still kept hope a mirricle would happen.

He wa the most talented, intelegent and loving in our whole family.And he was the bravest person right through. Known as the 'quiet-arty-student' one. He got a first at liverpool uni (the only person in our whole family who actually graduated at degree level) in Fine Art, then his Masters and then went on to get his teaching certificates, and in the last few years he has taught at A-level level at Roby College.

When i studdied Art at Gcse level he took grate interest and lent me lots of his books. When i went to do a diploma in Graphic Design, he came to my end of year show and gave me lots of encourgment and tips! :( (that was the last time i saw him, as he wouldnt let anyone see him in pain/ill)

He was also an amazing musisian, as a side job, he was constantly in blues-clubs in town playing. An absolutly amazing guitarist, always asked to join bands to actually make it big, but he always declined as art was his first love.

My mum and brother are having a real hard time with it. As John, of all the people in my family, was the most decent human being, the most tolerant, loving talented etcetcetctect they've lost thier belief in karma and such beleifs.

Next Tuesday will be hard.... a funeral should be a celebration of life, yeah.. but thats hard when they were only so young and had thier whole life infront of them. :(

Rest in Peace john xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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