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Ordered a bow and more evidence

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Just got chatting to the country's master bowyer - and he says he'll make me a custom bow! Cos I'm tall with long arms it'll have a 30" draw - and will be made from yew and hickory! Plus it's half the price of usual bows of this spec.

Secondly, happened to be checking on the 'traditionalness' of this bow when i found this:

While the English used the Longbow, Keltic archers were pictured and described using shorter, gently recurved Flatbows. Below is a hunting scene showing 16th century Scottish archers with bows of this type in 1577.



Above is a particularly accurate depiction by Albrecht Dürer from 1521, of the Keltic recurve bow carried by what he calls Irish soldiers, probably mercenaries in Holland. (Note the early appearance of 'Birkenstocks'!) Also shown in this detail is the fletching cut known as the Swineback, now called the shield cut.

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