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Workhouse Festival

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My first festival of the year then, Workhouse in Mid Wales, and we knew it was going to rain, we were prepared for that but I always say if I can get the tent up in the dry, the weather can do what it wants. We got the tent up in the dry and shortly after it started to rain and it didnt stop.

We ventured down to the arena on Friday and were totally amazed by its size, very small, very compact but very well set out, lots of small stages, all undercover, which was needed as the rain really did not stop. Musically I saw over the weekend, 3 daft monkeys, they were good but seemed a little disgruntled that they were that low on the bill in a small tent, they may not have been but they seemed unhappy about it.


The Destroyers, they were also excellent,


Inner City Unit, alas I was very drunk so cant comment, Kid Harpoon was excellent,


The Glitzy Baghags were my favourite act of the weekend,


Los Albertos never dissapoint and that was the case this weekend,


Plastic Passion were ok, a bit modern indie for my liking but Lisa liked them alot, Cream Tangeringe were good, ditto the Cracked Actors, Tarantism, I didnt like that much, all a bit bongos and jazz flute, not my bag baby, The Rubicks had listened to a lot of Metric, but pulled it off and finally Catch it kebabs, were fantastic.


I saw more and can elaborate on most of these but basically thats the lot. A man playing spoons seemed to join a lot of people on stage, he got everywhere.


So anyway back to the festival, friday afternoon, probably after the destroyers, I wander out of the baa tent and am milling around and this fella mentions the efestivals t-shirt I am wearing, it transpires its Karlhippy and we basically have the crack and meet up many many times over the weekend with him and Paul his mate. The last morning I wander out of the tent and who is pitched next to us, Karl, small world indeed, but helped make the festival even more fun than it already was, we will certainly be back there and it may be difficult to top this one this year.

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