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I'm back online for a reasonable amount of time again after a month of jury service. That's double the usul 'tour of duty' but the case was quite complicated and needed the time. Still, after a year without a holiday, it was quite nice to have a month off work. The result was one guilty, one not guilty as there wasn't enough evidence.

Anyway, I've been back at work a week now, and already am back into that depressing groove. But this morning was a bit different on the daily commute when I had a mild panic attack on the train. I'm aware that I get slightly claustrophobic, but when i got caught on the inside of a set of 6 this morning, with a burly bloke next to me and overheating in a thick coat, i got more anxious than i ever had before. My leg started bouncing and i became very fidgity. So why did it take me six stops to move? Politeness probably, but eventually i did get up, move near the doors, and stand the rest of the way.

Every time i think about it now, i get the same feelings, although less intense. I hope this doesn't get worse...i've not even had the years of chemical abuse to bring it on!

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