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  1. Haggis

    looking through an old blog

    i see i never brought you the result of the exam I took. I know you will be anxious to know. Anyway, i passed, so am now an Associate Tax Technician. Wow!
  2. Haggis


    Off to donate platelets again this afternoon. Giving blood etc is a simple task, it doesn't really hurt and it does give you a reason to feel good about yourself. If you have never tried to give, please give it some consideration if you can. Platelets takes a bit longer... It used to be out one arm, in the other, so you were completely out of action. Now you have a hand free for scratching, tea drinking and adjusting the settings on your PSP. I have a UMD of The Mighty Boosh to watch later...I'm looking forward to it!
  3. Haggis

    Murphy's Law - The Perils of Promoting

    have now discovered that one of the bands has been badmouthing us to future bookings. Now that IS out of order. Is there a promoters union?
  4. Haggis

    A few more.

    they are definitely a marmite band
  5. Haggis

    Murphy's Law - The Perils of Promoting

    we have a night in my hometown - Glossop. www.myspace.com/latitudeattheglobe The relationship between the sound guys and the landlord is now considered irrepairable. So we must see what equipment remains after they clear out the booth before we know if we can continue at the venue.... gah!
  6. Haggis

    A few more.

    Would really like to go, but it looks unlikely given the timing. I even live in derbyshire ffs! Check out Das Wanderlust. I loves 'em!
  7. Saturday night seemed to be going reasonably well with the soundchecks done. All the bands were happy and we were ready to roll. The numbers didn't seem to be as high as previous occasions, but there could have been a last minute rush, but then with 5 minutes to go to the first band the landlord came and had a word. "we have a little problem" he said. I thought it would be just that there were too many under agers trying to get in so "the sound engineer has walked out on me, taking his team with him" came as a bombshell. From then on it was sod's law. The first band went ok, but the bassist was over pissed and dominating the banter, which led to some embarrassing silences. The second band were beset by sound problems and wouldn't start until it was right, eventually their guitarist heading to the mixing desk to twiddle knobs to his satisfaction, as the landlord battled manfully on to get it right. Then the final band's amp blew, delaying their set by ten minutes. the numbers never got over 40, well down on previous nights, and because we'd taken the slot last minute, I was the only one of our regular trio available, so I was doing all the dj'ing and couldn't deal with any problems between bands. This also meant that the bands had to be trusted with the key to the storage room, and my night was capped beautifully when I got back there to find my bag and it's contents strewn across the floor. Luckily there was nothing of value in there. We lost £50 on the night, which we thought we'd saved with no sound guy to pay, but the landlord took it to pay his staff. And i was driving so couldn't have a drink! Still can't wait for the next one though! I'll try to remember making the girls scream by playing the record they wanted and take that positive thought with me!
  8. how cool is that!? Getting very giddy about the holiday now!
  9. When Eddie Argos took to the stage last night he cut the figure of a someone who had imbibed the band's rider all by himself. He look wrecked, you could see it in his walk and in his eyes. Yet as soon as he picked up the mike he was transformed and all hell broke loose. This was a hell of a gig, easily one of the best i've seen this year and was confirmation that live, Art Brut take some beating (whereas on record, it's not quite the same). Bar three songs this was the same set i'd seen them do at Night & Day a year ago - probably in the same order - and i raved about that on Egigs. It didn't matter. Argos has a sense of timing and a wit that is peerless. He writes about the ordinary, how we all want to be in bands, we were slightly surly teenagers wanting out of the humdrum and how it didn't quite turn out right and gives the message back that it can be done. He can't sing, he looks terrible but "look at us, we formed a band". Plus, bassist Freddie Feedback looked divine. If you get chance, go and see them. Live, it is an experience you should not miss. (Neil, they are in Brizzle in the next few days!) ended up writing a review - http://www.egigs.co.uk/index.php?a=11289
  10. Haggis

    Well in touch with my female side!

    Considering a new avatar
  11. It IS supposed to be women that are obsessed by shoes, but I've just got another pair of Converse...we're into double figures now on colours i've got. These are the latest ones, bought off ebay - but these are still my favourites, although they are falling apart now (and they seem to have stopped making them This obsession is a big help for those that know me, as xmas/birthdays are a cinch!
  12. Haggis

    More egigs stuff

    and another one I've read back and immediately spotted 2 or 3 things i'd change. gah!! Anyway, 3 acts that you can judge for yourself on 18th November on channel 203 on your Sky box. I recommend you have a look at Gideon Conn. see here
  13. Haggis

    oh yeah, Friday night!

    Friday saw the second of the Latitude at the Globe band nights that i'm involved with, and i certainly had another banging time, judging by the Budvar induced headache the next day. First up were It's a Buffalo, who are signed to Akoustic Anarkhy. The were pretty good, but after a little DJ set by myself came the Courteeners. They had hogged most of the soundcheck, and seemingly brought most of the crowd as there was suddenly a throng at the front. They are led by singer/songwriter Liam Fray and they were excellent. They over-ran though, which after their soundcheck was something of a discourtacy to the other bands. However, the swagger they had was pure manc, and the frenzy of the crowd was quite unique for a band so shortly into it's career. i think you'll see more of them. And they weren't even the best band of the night. That was headliners The Loungs, who had 4 part harmonies, optimistic ditties and a headbanging keyboard player. I loved them, and it was such a pity that those who came for the Courteeners didn't hang around and they played to a sparse room. After that, there was a bit of DJing, but everyone had gone. We need to address how to get them to stay. The crowd was very sparse by way of locals too, so we are going to have to work much harder if we are trying to attract out of towners. Locals seem to be balking at a £5 charge, which we think is reasonable at £1.67 a band. No doubt these will be discussed when we meet up. Find out more at the Latitude at the Globe site.
  14. I came out of this morning's exam thinking it had gone pretty well and that i had passed. Then i looked at the text book. It'll be touch and go...find out on 24th Jan. Anyway, only 2 weeks to hols now!
  15. Haggis

    November arrives

    and whilst it brings another exam, a week today, all that is on my mind is the holiday we have had booked since last December! Fly out on 23rd and i'm not back until 29th December. My libido must be down, as i'm only thinking of this trip every 8 seconds! 22 days to go!