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Strange, strange, strange

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I've just finished eating my Ginsters and I can now positively say I have just been on one of the strangest nights out of my life. I met up with an old friend who had just split from her long-term boyfriend (no, it wasn't for that reason - she's way out of my league) and we were having a laugh but we fancied moving on from the country pub we were in as it was it felt like half the village were listening in to our personal and vulgar conversation. Being the gentleman I am I said "Where do you want to go next? I'll drive wherever", to which she coyly said "Would you mind taking me to a strip club? I've never been, but I'd like to but I don't have the confidence to go myself". So off we went.

For anybody who thinks a trip to the lapdancers is sexually a turn on, it's not. It's bizarre and freaky and comical. It's especially so if you're with a girl with an enormous chest. Oh and lapdancers are territorial creatures. They wanted her out as quick as possible.

And I'm now thinking of putting my irrational hatred of Johnny Borrell to one side as their new album has really impressed me. Nah, his face is still too irksome.

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