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Gorillaz in the haze

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It's a scorcher! The main stages sparked into life in the sunshine and Rolf Harris started the party.

Many of the campsites began to fill up and the day's entertainment was topped off with Gorillaz and a host of guests including Snoop Dogg, Bobby Womack, and Lou Reed amongst others. Unfortunately Mos Def had to cancel his appearance at West Holts and Femi Kuti was moved back to headline the flag filled stage.

Earlier Snoop Dogg had drawn the biggest crowd of the day, and The Stranglers played the Other Stage for the first time, and said they rather liked it. Frank Turner, Mumford & Sons, and Florence & The Machine also stool to various stages, with Thom Yorke revealed as the surprise guest in The Park (a well kept secret).

We had to. collect our daughter from the newly moved pedestrian gate A which was a hike missing Vampire Weekend and getting caught both in the crowd for Snoop Dog and them - the first time I've experienced crowds like that here for years. The tents camped by the walk way were covered in dust the first time since 2000 I can remember it being so.

Kuti was moved back to headline the flag filled stage. Whilst on the second stage Flaming Lips delivered a lively set and Sasha got the crowd's seems in the air in Glade. The late night music venues proved a popular choice with crowds wandering around agog. Shame the DJ's played such poor tunes, it was the Village Disco who provided the most audible soundtrack for those in the campervan fields.

However it was the other entertainment from a singing Bono puppet in an Irish bar, to blue mermaids, to Bez "DJing" and a wealth of other delights. Elsewhere the greenfields were a more chilled affair of soft glowing lights, more acoustic flavoured tunes, and chai. glowing lights, more acoustic flavoured tunes, and chai with the lovely tranquil pool.

The Common too had a nice feel with large white birds and old school whole log split standing fires. Having seen the lanes of Shangri La before I was able to make a good exploration before it started to get packed around 2am.

Favourite act today was Sasha, and both of Hobo Jones and the Junkyard Dogs appearances book ending performances in the Scaling Field.

Still not seen the Tor lit at night.

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