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Bullies and Softies!

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I have been having a pivotal day - Its funny my Chinese friends are on the move again (maybe to Wales) :( as its not worked out here due to a horrible man in the kitchen working with the Husband. So basically he has been very nasty - taking his money, blaming him, making him do all the work in the kitchen and probably even damaging what little property they own. My new friends are the salt of the earth - I don't see why or how some horrible people can be like this - I know power has a lot to do with it but I just don't get how the people doing it seem to have no regrets ever?

Going along with my daughters story she has problems with this friend (not that I consider her that but) which is really upsetting me and now she has picked up an enemy too. My daughter is so soft - this kid is in the year below and is very cocky she has tripped her up since someone yelled that my daughter didn't like her - (which sort of was true but thats because she is very bossy and my daughter cant deal with that) and today she did it again (tripped her). Now its the end of school and I thought - if I don't go now I wont go (and the bully gets away with it) so I did go over to the parent and said look your daughter has tripped my daughter up twice this week and I explained why I thought she may have done it. Maybe the parent will speak to her and give her punishment? (I know thats what I would do if I ever found mine to do such a thing) maybe they don't but at least the kid knows I am on her case!

Anyway they are being taught at school about passive, assertive, aggressive and it kind of struck me Are most people naturally passive or aggressive? - I start to think they are its like the do I fight or flight thing. I know I fall into the former one and sometimes when I lose it I might have a burst of the other!

So there is a course that is run for bullied kids and because I can see where all this is heading and I know it worked well for my nephew so my daughter has sent off the form. Its weird my mum said you should tell her to kick her back but I don't see that as the way to go plus I know she wouldn't be able to do it and if she did it would be my daughter in trouble probably! She just needs to deal with things differently and not take out her pent up frustration on me! and I don't feel I always give her the best advice plus we always disagree so hearing it from someone else she may take it in and try it out.

Heres to a good bank holiday weekend (we need it) taking her lovely friend Shuang on her first camping trip with us (don't think shes ready for Glastonbury yet!)

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Hi there - We got our little guy done around 6/7 months and he was already being quite a romeo with my daughters soft toys! He was quite tiny thats why I left him a bit longer. Hope that helps!

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