Stereophonics & Kings Of Leon provide a perfect ending to a perfect weekend at V

V Festival (Staffordshire) 2010 review

published: Sun 29th Aug 2010


Saturday 21st to Sunday 22nd August 2010
Weston Park, Staffordshire, TF11 8LE, England MAP
£165 w/e with camping, £140 for a weekend pass
last updated: Wed 18th Aug 2010

Here we are again! Back at Weston Park bright and early and raring to go. In fact I was through the doors at 10.30am on Sunday. An hour of chilling then we were on starters orders again.

The reason for the early start is Feeder are the first band up on main stage at Midday and I wasn't missing that for anything. I was on my step ladders in the pit waiting to see one of my favourite bands. I even wore my Feeder t-shirt to show support. I still can't understand why they were on first, the very early slot, and it still puzzles me now.

A nine song set ensued and it was absolutely blinding. It blew the cobwebs out of your ears and woke you up for the day ahead. Kicking off with 'Insomnia', 'Feeling A Moment', (one of the new tracks from the Renegades album 'Call Out') displayed Feeder at their very best. Old faithful 'Lost and Found' and stonker 'Renegades' got the crowd whipped up and on the ball for the rest of the bands. Best song of the set, Feeder fans favourite 'Buck Rogers' got everyone singing and paying attention.

The set ended with 'Just a Day'. It was over in a flash. It way too short and I was gutted the band weren't further up the bill so we could have savoured more of their music.

I was well pumped after this set but the next three bands weren't exactly setting the world alight. I decided to stay at the main stage and catch Passion Pit. Big mistake! I forgot that I had watched them earlier in the year supporting Pink at Alton Towers and they never left an impression then. I was left with a bitter taste in my mouth wondering why on earth I didn't opt for going to see Hurts, or Gabriella Cilmi; surely it would've been more entertaining.

The Coral, and The Courteeners were up next on main stage. Liverpudlian band The Coral stormed through an eleven song set, proceedings started with 'Goodbye', 'Jacqueline' and 'In the Rain'. I must admit not being a really big fan and their music seems to be an acquired taste. It might be my age but I'm not going to admit how many years it is in this review! The only thing that struck me was the lead singer looked like his Mum had cut his hair; a typical bowl cut. It was terrible, but the rest of the crowd seemed to love them so that's all that mattered.

The Courteeners
The Courteeners blistered through a forty five minute set, much to the enjoyment of the audience. They got really excited and started jumping around like Zebedee on speed.

The highlight of the set was 'You Overdid It Doll', which was absolutely fabulous. Liam Fray is absolutely adored by his fans. Placards with 'Liam will you marry me?' and 'Liam I love you' just proved that this band have a massive following.

Next up on main stage local band Editors. Earlier in the day I had the pleasure in meeting lead vocalist Tom Smith and he was so lovely.

The band didn't disappoint with a fifty minute extravaganza. The first few bars of 'In This Light And On This Evening' boomed out up and the crowd went bananas. 'An End Has A Start', 'Bones', 'Bullets' and 'Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool' followed in hot pursuit.

The band looked like they were having a whale of a time. Tom strutted his stuff on stage with his jerky hand movements and mental dancing, whilst Russ bounced up and down with his bass, Chris took in the atmosphere, throwing several plectrums in to the crowd and Ed bashed the drums with so much passion and vigour.

Editors favourite 'Munich' was up next, followed by 'Smokers outside the Hospital Doors', 'Bricks + Mortar' and show stopper 'Papillion' finished the set to roars and whoops of absolute joy.

After Editors it was going to be hard to beat that set but I headed off to see Swedish Bombshell Robyn. I love all of her frenetic material, in particular her new album 'Body Talk Prt 1'. The forty minute set was over way too quickly. It seemed once I got in there did the photos, stayed and listened to another four songs and it was over. I was gutted. But what I did see was overwhelming. Boy can that girl dance. It's no wonder she ate a banana half way through the set; I bet she was knackered and needed a lie down after all that dancing and jerking about.

'Hang With Me' sensationally started the set. The drummers (yes two drum kits) and the Keyboardists/synth players (yes two sets), were all dressed in white boiler suits and looked very Kraftwerk'esque.

'Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do' got the crowd singing and Robyn just funked all the way through. My personal favourite 'Dancing On My Own' was up next and it was gobsmackingly loud and amazing. Robyn's collaboration single with Christian Falk was up next, 'Dream On'. This song has stuck with me since Robyn played at V Fest a couple of years ago and I felt absolutely privileged to hear it again. This set made me seriously want to go and see a full set of Robyn's and I will definitely do that.

Electronic band White Lies were on the Channel 4 stage, so I opted for that next. I saw them supporting Snow Patrol eons ago and they were well worth the wait. 'To Lose My Life' and ‘'Death' were the highlights of the set.

After that it was time for a sandwich and a little siesta before seeing show stoppers Stereophonics.

This was my 15th time seeing the band and they still never disappoint me. They are fantastic live and a superb festival band as they have so many crowd pleasers for songs that everyone croons along to every word. Their huge twenty song set lasted eighty minutes. I was knackered after singing four songs let alone twenty!

'Innocent', ‘'housand Trees' and 'Last of the Big Time Drinkers' started the set off in style. During those songs I was trying hard to concentrate taking photographs from a step ladder. Sorry if I deafened anyone else in the pit with my singing!

The set was like a greatest hits set, I loved it; old classics intertwined with tracks from 'Keep Calm and Carry On', 'Bank Holiday Monday', 'I've Got Your Number', 'Superman', 'Pick a Part' and ever faithful 'Mr Writer'. The songs just kept coming and coming but every single person in the first 10 rows lapped it up like lap dogs. Kelly is an amazing front man; I just wish he would refrain from wearing Raybans for the first three songs though!

'Maybe Tomorrow', 'Have a Nice Day', 'Local Boy', 'Bartender' and 'Dakota' were stupendous tunes to end the set on a high note and get everyone pumped up and ready for the mighty Kings of Leon.

Headliners Kings Of Leon, who hate pigeons (in case you like useless facts), were up next. The arena was filled to brim and the audience weren't disappointed. They played nineteen songs and seemed totally comfortable playing in front of such a massive audience. Eighteen months ago they would never have pipped Stereophonics to the headline act post but here they were in all their glory!

The first bars of 'Closer' ensued and that was it, a rollercoaster ride through the Kings Of Leon back catalogue. We had five albums to get through; 'Crawl', 'Molly's Chamber', 'Fans', 'Four Kicks', 'Bucket' and sing-a-long 'Sex On Fire' went round the arena like a whirlwind. The audience were in absolute awe as the night drew in and the amazing lighting electrified the stage.

They left one of the best songs till last and that was 'Use Somebody'. This epitomised the whole festival. Everyone was happy and glad they came; what an ending to a perfect weekend. Of course there was rain and the smell of wee and poo, but that's festivals for you!

I would like to say thank you to the guys at Cake Media, they ran the Press and PR fantastically. Very professional. I can't wait for next year.

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review by: Michelle and Trish Owen-Williams

photos by: Michelle and Trish Owen-Williams

Saturday 21st to Sunday 22nd August 2010
Weston Park, Staffordshire, TF11 8LE, England MAP
£165 w/e with camping, £140 for a weekend pass
last updated: Wed 18th Aug 2010

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