Rebellion Festival 2019 line-up and rumours

Thursday 1st to Sunday 4th August 2019
Blackpool Winter Gardens, 97 Church Street, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1 1HW, England MAP
£170 for 4-days
daily capacity: 5000
last updated: Tue 30th Jul 2019

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sun 4th, Opera House(C) 1919
Fri 2nd, Arena(C) 2 Minutos
Sat 3rd, Empress Ballroom (C) 999
Sun 4th, Empress Ballroom (C) A Page of Punk
Thu 1st, Rebellion Introducing(C) Abraskadabra
Sun 4th, Arena(C) Acid Attack
Fri 2nd, Almost Acoustic(C) Alex Wonk
Sun 4th, Opera House(C) Alternative Carpettes
Thu 1st, Almost Acoustic(C) Andy T
Fri 2nd, Club Casbah(C) Angelic Upstarts
Thu 1st, Arena(C) Anger Flares
Fri 2nd, Arena(C) Anti-Social USA
Fri 2nd, Arena(C) Arch Rivals
Fri 2nd, Club Casbah(C) Argy Bargy
Sun 4th, Almost Acoustic(C) Arthur Lurker
Fri 2nd, Rebellion Introducing(C) Asfixia Social
Sat 3rd, Opera House(C) Attila And Barnstormer 1649
Sun 4th, Almost Acoustic(C) Attila And Barnstormer 1649
Fri 2nd, Almost Acoustic(C) Attila the Stockbroker
Fri 2nd, Pavilion(C) Audible Joes
Fri 2nd, Pavilion(C) B-squadron
Thu 1st, Almost Acoustic(C) Babar Luck
Sun 4th, Rebellion Introducing(C) Backstreet Abortions
Sat 3rd, Rebellion Introducing(C) Bad Ass
Thu 1st, Pavilion(C) Bandits
Sat 3rd, Rebellion Introducing(C) Battalion Zoska
Sun 4th, Rebellion Introducing(C) BIGG
Thu 1st, Almost Acoustic(C) Bingo with Max
Fri 2nd, Almost Acoustic(C) Bingo with Max
Sat 3rd, Almost Acoustic(C) Bingo with Max
Sun 4th, Almost Acoustic(C) Bingo with Max
Sun 4th, Arena(C) BKS
Sat 3rd, Arena(C) Blitzkrieg
Thu 1st, Almost Acoustic(C) Boggy Formby
Fri 2nd, Almost Acoustic(C) Boggy Formby
Sat 3rd, Almost Acoustic(C) Boggy Formby
Sun 4th, Almost Acoustic(C) Boggy Formby
Fri 2nd, Club Casbah(C) Booze & Glory
Sat 3rd, Almost Acoustic(C) Booze & Glory
Sun 4th, Pavilion(C) Borrowed Time
Fri 2nd, Pavilion(C) Brassknuckle
Sat 3rd, Rebellion Introducing(C) Brocker
Sat 3rd, Empress Ballroom (C) Call Me Malcolm
Sun 4th, Almost Acoustic(C) Catlow
Sun 4th, Opera House(C) Chameleons Vox
Sat 3rd, Almost Acoustic(C) Cherry & Peesh
Sun 4th, Arena(C) Choking Susan
Sat 3rd, Club Casbah(C) Citizen Fish
Fri 2nd, Almost Acoustic(C) City Saints
Sun 4th, Empress Ballroom (C) CJ Ramone
Sat 3rd, Empress Ballroom (C) Cock Sparrer
Sat 3rd, Empress Ballroom (C) Cockney Rejects
Sun 4th, Rebellion Introducing(C) Cockwomble
Thu 1st, Rebellion Introducing(C) Codename Colin
Sun 4th, Club Casbah(C) Conflict
Thu 1st, Arena(C) Counting Coins
Sun 4th, Pavilion(C) Cress
Sun 4th, Club Casbah(C) Culture Shock
Thu 1st, Club Casbah(C) D.I.
Thu 1st, Almost Acoustic(C) Dave Sharp
Sun 4th, Almost Acoustic(C) Davey Malone
Fri 2nd, Arena(C) Dead 77
Thu 1st, Rebellion Introducing(C) Dead Mob
Thu 1st, Rebellion Introducing(C) Dead Objectives
Thu 1st, Arena(C) Delinquents
Sun 4th, Opera House(C) Department S
Thu 1st, Pavilion(C) Desacato Civil
Thu 1st, Empress Ballroom (C) Descendents
Sun 4th, Almost Acoustic(C) Desensitised
Sat 3rd, Pavilion(C) Desperate Measures
Thu 1st, Pavilion(C) Diablofurs
Sun 4th, Club Casbah(C) Dirtbox Disco
Sun 4th, Pavilion(C) Dischord
Fri 2nd, Club Casbah(C) Discipline
Sun 4th, Club Casbah(C) DOA
Sat 3rd, Rebellion Introducing(C) Dops Banda De Protesto
Sun 4th, Pavilion(C) Dr. Know
Fri 2nd, Club Casbah(C) Dragster
Fri 2nd, Empress Ballroom (C) Dream Nails
Fri 2nd, Empress Ballroom (C) Drongos for Europe
Fri 2nd, Almost Acoustic(C) Duncan Reid
Sat 3rd, Opera House(C) Duncan Reid & the Big Heads
Sat 3rd, Almost Acoustic(C) Dylan Disaster
Thu 1st, Pavilion(C) East End Badoes
Sun 4th, Pavilion(C) Eastfield
Fri 2nd, Opera House(C) Eddie & The Hotrods
Thu 1st, Almost Acoustic(C) Emily Flea
Sat 3rd, Empress Ballroom (C) Evil Conduct
Sun 4th, Arena(C) Fat Albert
Sun 4th, Pavilion(C) Fatal Blow
Thu 1st, Club Casbah(C) Fear
Fri 2nd, Rebellion Introducing(C) Filhos De Inacio
Sat 3rd, Arena(C) Fire Exit
Thu 1st, Empress Ballroom (C) Flipper
Sat 3rd, Rebellion Introducing(C) Fluffy Machine
Sun 4th, Arena(C) Foreign Legion
Sun 4th, Arena(C) Frenzy
Thu 1st, Almost Acoustic(C) Gareth James
Thu 1st, Pavilion(C) Geoffrey Oicott
Fri 2nd, Empress Ballroom (C) Gimp Fist
Sat 3rd, Pavilion(C) Girls In Synthesis
Sat 3rd, Empress Ballroom (C) Giuda
Thu 1st, Pavilion(C) Goldblade
Fri 2nd, Arena(C) Grade 2
Fri 2nd, Pavilion(C) Guitar Gangsters
Sun 4th, Rebellion Introducing(C) HABITS
Sat 3rd, Pavilion(C) Hagar the Womb
Sun 4th, Empress Ballroom (C) Hands Off Gretel
Sat 3rd, Pavilion(C) Hardskin
Thu 1st, Almost Acoustic(C) Headsticks
Fri 2nd, Opera House(C) Headsticks
Sat 3rd, Arena(C) Healthy Junkies
Sat 3rd, Rebellion Introducing(C) Hellfury
Sat 3rd, Almost Acoustic(C) Henry Cluney
Fri 2nd, Almost Acoustic(C) Hobo Jones & The Junkyard Dogs
Sat 3rd, Club Casbah(C) HR from Bad Brains
Sun 4th, Club Casbah(C) Hung Like Hanratty
Fri 2nd, Rebellion Introducing(C) I, Doris
Thu 1st, Pavilion(C) IDestroy
Thu 1st, Club Casbah(C) In Evil Hour
Thu 1st, Rebellion Introducing(C) Incisions
Fri 2nd, Arena(C) Infa Riot
Thu 1st, Empress Ballroom (C) Infirmites
Sat 3rd, Club Casbah(C) Informal Society
Thu 1st, Empress Ballroom (C) Inocentes
Fri 2nd, Opera House(C) Interrobang
Sat 3rd, Almost Acoustic(C) Jenny Woo
Sun 4th, Almost Acoustic(C) Jessamine
Sun 4th, Opera House(C) John Otway
Fri 2nd, Opera House(C) Johnny Moped
Fri 2nd, Almost Acoustic(C) Johnny Moped
Fri 2nd, Rebellion Introducing(C) Karl Phillips & The Rejects
Sat 3rd, Arena(C) Kearneys Jig
Sun 4th, Pavilion(C) Kid Klumsy
Sun 4th, Club Casbah(C) King Kurt
Fri 2nd, Pavilion(C) Kiss Me Killer
Sat 3rd, Arena(C) Knife 49
Fri 2nd, Club Casbah(C) Knock Off
Sat 3rd, Pavilion(C) Komintern Sect
Sun 4th, Opera House(C) Kopek Millionaires
Sat 3rd, Rebellion Introducing(C) Last Reserves
Sat 3rd, Club Casbah(C) Last Tree Squad
Sun 4th, Almost Acoustic(C) Lauren Tate
Thu 1st, Rebellion Introducing(C) Lead Shot Hazard
Fri 2nd, Club Casbah(C) Leftover Crack
Sat 3rd, Empress Ballroom (C) Lions Law
Fri 2nd, Almost Acoustic(C) Los Fastidios
Sat 3rd, Empress Ballroom (C) Los Fastidios
Fri 2nd, Opera House(C) Lost Cherrees
Sat 3rd, Club Casbah(C) Maid Of Ace
Fri 2nd, Rebellion Introducing(C) Martyrials
Thu 1st, Empress Ballroom (C) Masked Intruder
Sat 3rd, Almost Acoustic(C) Mauri Clash City Rocker
Sun 4th, Pavilion(C) MC16
Thu 1st, Opera House(C) Menace
Sat 3rd, Arena(C) Midnight Tattoo
Sat 3rd, Almost Acoustic(C) Miffy Englefield
Fri 2nd, Club Casbah(C) Migrana Social
Thu 1st, Almost Acoustic(C) Millie Manders
Fri 2nd, Almost Acoustic(C) Miss Fragile
Fri 2nd, Almost Acoustic(C) Mollusca
Sat 3rd, Empress Ballroom (C) Motorheadache
Thu 1st, Almost Acoustic(C) Nathan Seaton
Sat 3rd, Almost Acoustic(C) Nick Cash
Thu 1st, Arena(C) No Thrills
Thu 1st, Rebellion Introducing(C) Nofnog
Sun 4th, Rebellion Introducing(C) Nosebleed
Thu 1st, Rebellion Introducing(C) Overload
Thu 1st, Arena(C) Pacto Social
Sat 3rd, Arena(C) Paranoid Visions
Sun 4th, Almost Acoustic(C) Pascal Briggs
Thu 1st, Almost Acoustic(C) Paul Carter
Sat 3rd, Almost Acoustic(C) Pauline Murray
Thu 1st, Empress Ballroom (C) Pears
Fri 2nd, Empress Ballroom (C) Penetration
Fri 2nd, Rebellion Introducing(C) Petty Phase
Sun 4th, Club Casbah(C) Pizzatramp
Thu 1st, Opera House(C) Pog
Fri 2nd, Almost Acoustic(C) Pog
Thu 1st, Club Casbah(C) Poison Idea
Sat 3rd, Rebellion Introducing(C) PollyPikPocketz
Fri 2nd, Empress Ballroom (C) Popes of Chillitown
Fri 2nd, Pavilion(C) Pretty Addicted
Sat 3rd, Pavilion(C) Punko! UK
Fri 2nd, Rebellion Introducing(C) PUSSYLIQUOR
Thu 1st, Empress Ballroom (C) Queen Zee
Sat 3rd, Club Casbah(C) Radical Dance Faction (RDF)
Fri 2nd, Arena(C) Raging Nathans
Sat 3rd, Pavilion(C) Ramonas Original
Thu 1st, Almost Acoustic(C) Rat Boys Magic Show
Fri 2nd, Almost Acoustic(C) Rat Boys Magic Show
Sat 3rd, Almost Acoustic(C) Rat Boys Magic Show
Sun 4th, Almost Acoustic(C) Rat Boys Magic Show
Sat 3rd, Rebellion Introducing(C) Rats from a Sinking Ship
Thu 1st, Rebellion Introducing(C) Rats Nest
Fri 2nd, Arena(C) Razors
Sat 3rd, Pavilion(C) Reaction
Fri 2nd, Rebellion Introducing(C) Rebel Station
Fri 2nd, Arena(C) Red Alert
Thu 1st, Pavilion(C) Red London
Thu 1st, Club Casbah(C) Resistance 77
Sat 3rd, Club Casbah(C) Rhythm-ites
Sun 4th, Rebellion Introducing(C) Rotten Foxes
Fri 2nd, Pavilion(C) Rubella Ballet
Fri 2nd, Club Casbah(C) Rust
Fri 2nd, Empress Ballroom (C) Ruts DC
Sat 3rd, Opera House(C) Ruts DC Acoustic
Thu 1st, Opera House(C) Salford Jets
Sun 4th, Rebellion Introducing(C) Scandal
Sat 3rd, Club Casbah(C) Sensa Yuma
Sat 3rd, Rebellion Introducing(C) Shock
Fri 2nd, Arena(C) Sick on the Bus
Thu 1st, Pavilion(C) Skaciety
Sat 3rd, Pavilion(C) Slagerij
Thu 1st, Opera House(C) Slice Of Life
Sun 4th, Arena(C) Snakerattlers
Fri 2nd, Opera House(C) Snivelling Shits
Sat 3rd, Pavilion(C) Sons Of Clogger
Thu 1st, Rebellion Introducing(C) Sour Bitch
Thu 1st, Opera House(C) Spear of Destiny
Sat 3rd, Arena(C) Special Duties
Sat 3rd, Opera House(C) Spectrum 4
Sat 3rd, Empress Ballroom (C) Spider
Sun 4th, Opera House(C) Splodgenessabounds
Sat 3rd, Pavilion(C) Spoilers
Thu 1st, Arena(C) Spring Park
Fri 2nd, Almost Acoustic(C) Static Kill
Fri 2nd, Pavilion(C) Stokes CPH
Sat 3rd, Almost Acoustic(C) Stripped Down Dirty Whores
Fri 2nd, Arena(C) Subalternos
Sun 4th, Pavilion(C) Subalternos
Fri 2nd, Empress Ballroom (C) Subhumans
Sun 4th, Arena(C) Suckerpunch
Sun 4th, Empress Ballroom (C) Suede Razors
Sat 3rd, Rebellion Introducing(C) Sugar Louise
Sun 4th, Rebellion Introducing(C) Sunday Punk Club
Thu 1st, Almost Acoustic(C) Supla S&v Feat Victoria Wells
Sun 4th, Empress Ballroom (C) Svetlanas
Thu 1st, Club Casbah(C) System of Hate
Sun 4th, Empress Ballroom (C) Teenage Bottlerocket
Sun 4th, Rebellion Introducing(C) Tequila Mockingbyrd
Thu 1st, Rebellion Introducing(C) Teresa Banks
Thu 1st, Arena(C) Terminal Heads
Fri 2nd, Pavilion(C) Terminal Rage
Fri 2nd, Club Casbah(C) The Angry Agenda
Thu 1st, Almost Acoustic(C) The Antipoet
Fri 2nd, Opera House(C) The Avengers
Thu 1st, Pavilion(C) The Babes
Thu 1st, Empress Ballroom (C) The Baby Seals
Thu 1st, Empress Ballroom (C) The Bar Stool Preachers
Thu 1st, Almost Acoustic(C) The Bar Stool Preachers
Fri 2nd, Rebellion Introducing(C) The Bloodstrings
Thu 1st, Arena(C) The Blunders
Fri 2nd, Rebellion Introducing(C) The Bois
Sat 3rd, Rebellion Introducing(C) The Bolokos
Sat 3rd, Empress Ballroom (C) The Business Event
Sun 4th, Empress Ballroom (C) The Casualties
Sat 3rd, Almost Acoustic(C) The Crows
Thu 1st, Club Casbah(C) The Cundeez
Thu 1st, Almost Acoustic(C) The Cundeez
Sun 4th, Empress Ballroom (C) The Damned
Fri 2nd, Pavilion(C) The Deckchairs
Sun 4th, Club Casbah(C) The Defects
Sat 3rd, Opera House(C) The DeRellas
Fri 2nd, Rebellion Introducing(C) The Dopamines
Fri 2nd, Rebellion Introducing(C) The Drop Out Wives
Thu 1st, Arena(C) The Drowns
Sun 4th, Club Casbah(C) The Dwarves
Sun 4th, Arena(C) The Eddies
Thu 1st, Arena(C) The Ejected
Sat 3rd, Club Casbah(C) The Exploited
Sat 3rd, Pavilion(C) The Gakk
Sat 3rd, Opera House(C) The Godfathers
Thu 1st, Arena(C) The Kingcrows
Sun 4th, Arena(C) The Liarbilitys
Sat 3rd, Arena(C) The Lurkers
Thu 1st, Pavilion(C) The Manc Lads
Fri 2nd, Opera House(C) The Members
Fri 2nd, Opera House(C) The Membranes
Fri 2nd, Pavilion(C) The Menstrual Cramps
Fri 2nd, Pavilion(C) The Mistakes
Thu 1st, Rebellion Introducing(C) The Muffin Heads
Thu 1st, Club Casbah(C) The Murderburgers
Sat 3rd, Opera House(C) The Outcasts
Sat 3rd, Almost Acoustic(C) The Outcasts
Thu 1st, Rebellion Introducing(C) The Outlines
Sun 4th, Empress Ballroom (C) The Professionals
Thu 1st, Opera House(C) The Pukes
Fri 2nd, Club Casbah(C) The Ramonas
Sun 4th, Almost Acoustic(C) The Ramonas
Thu 1st, Club Casbah(C) The Restarts
Sat 3rd, Rebellion Introducing(C) The Shit Talkers
Fri 2nd, Rebellion Introducing(C) The Signal
Sat 3rd, Arena(C) The Skeptix
Sun 4th, Empress Ballroom (C) The Skids
Fri 2nd, Empress Ballroom (C) The Stranglers
Fri 2nd, Almost Acoustic(C) The Straps
Sat 3rd, Arena(C) The Straps
Sun 4th, Pavilion(C) The White Ribbons
Thu 1st, Pavilion(C) The X-Ray Eyes
Thu 1st, Opera House(C) The Zips
Sat 3rd, Pavilion(C) This Means War
Thu 1st, Pavilion(C) Time for Action
Thu 1st, Arena(C) Tokyo Rankers
Sun 4th, Rebellion Introducing(C) Tokyo Taboo
Thu 1st, Arena(C) Total Chaos
Sun 4th, Rebellion Introducing(C) Trigger Mcpoopshute
Fri 2nd, Pavilion(C) Turbulent Hearts
Sat 3rd, Opera House(C) TV Smith Acoustic
Fri 2nd, Empress Ballroom (C) UK Subs
Sat 3rd, Arena(C) Union 13
Sun 4th, Pavilion(C) Uproar
Thu 1st, Empress Ballroom (C) Vibrate Two Fingers
Sun 4th, Club Casbah(C) Vice Squad
Sat 3rd, Arena(C) Vomit
Fri 2nd, Almost Acoustic(C) Wayne Barrett & Friends
Sun 4th, Almost Acoustic(C) Wayne Barrett & Friends
Sun 4th, Almost Acoustic(C) Weekend Recovery
Sun 4th, Pavilion(C) Weird Things
Sun 4th, Arena(C) WitchDoktors
Sun 4th, Rebellion Introducing(C) Woke Up Dead
Thu 1st, Club Casbah(C) Wolf Bites Boy
Sat 3rd, Club Casbah(C) Wonk Unit
Sat 3rd, Arena(C) Zero Zero

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour
(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour
(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour
(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

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