Nozstock Festival 2017 line-up and rumours

Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd July 2017
The Farm, Rowden Paddocks, Bromyard, Herefordshire, HR7 4LS, England MAP
adults £115 (Fri-Sun) or £125 (Thur-Sun)
daily capacity: 5000
last updated: Fri 12th May 2017

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

day TBC, Coppice(C) Alta
day TBC, Bandstand(C) Andy Jones
day TBC, live acts(C) Ballz Out Circus
day TBC, Bandstand(C) BBC Introducing
day TBC, Orchard Stage(C) Beans on Toast
day TBC, Cabinet of Lost Secrets(C) Beatwell & Dante
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) Benny Page
day TBC, Bandstand(C) Beverley Shrills
day TBC, Cubicles(C) Billy Daniel Bunter
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) Blake Parker
day TBC, Bandstand(C) Bluejay Jazz Lounge
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) Boom Sound Takeover
day TBC, Bandstand(C) Boy Azooga
day TBC, Cubicles(C) Break
day TBC, Cabinet of Lost Secrets(C) Calm Like A Riot
day TBC, Bandstand(C) Capac
day TBC, Cubicles(C) Carasel MC
day TBC, Orchard Stage(C) ChainSka Brassika
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) Chris Lockie
day TBC, live acts(C) Clik Clik Collective
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) CW Jones
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) Dabbla Illaman and DJ Frosty
day TBC, Orchard Stage(C) Death By Unga Bunga
day TBC, Cubicles(C) Delta Heavy
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) Desert Boots
day TBC, Cabinet of Lost Secrets(C) Desert Boots
day TBC, DJs(C) Dex
day TBC, Coppice(C) Dirty Saffi
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) Dirty Secretz
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) Discotek DJs
day TBC, Cubicles(C) DJ Choppa
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) DJ Feva
day TBC, Coppice(C) DJ Lorraine
day TBC, Cubicles(C) DJ Mayhem
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) DJ Shogun
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) Dom Kane
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) Dutchie
day TBC, Bandstand(C) Ellisha Green
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) Equals
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) Fat Stash
day TBC, Orchard Stage(C) Ferocious Dog
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) Flamenco Thief
day TBC, Cubicles(C) Foreign Concept
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) Forte ft. Sonny Wharton
day TBC, Cubicles(C) Frankee
day TBC, Bandstand(C) Frauds
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) From Berlin With Love ft. Morginio
day TBC, Cabinet of Lost Secrets(C) Funky Navigation DJs
day TBC, Cabinet of Lost Secrets(C) Galactic Funk Militia
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) Gardna
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) Gardna
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) General Levy
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) Go With The Flo
day TBC, Bandstand(C) Goan Dogs
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) Goldie Lookin' Chain
day TBC, Cabinet of Lost Secrets(C) Hallouminati
day TBC, Orchard Stage(C) Hannah Peel
day TBC, Orchard Stage(C) Happy Mondays
day TBC, Orchard Stage(C) Haus
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) Haus
day TBC, Orchard Stage(C) Hayseed Dixie
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) Hazard & Eksman
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) Hold Tight Collective
day TBC, Cabinet of Lost Secrets(C) Hot Diamond Aces
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) House Meanz House
day TBC, Orchard Stage(C) Humdrum Express
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) Innerkey
day TBC, Bandstand(C) Invincible Youth
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) Ital Sounds ft. Drumlove
day TBC, Cubicles(C) Ivy Lab
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) Jack Jones
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) Jason Young
day TBC, live acts(C) Jayde Adams
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) Jeremiah Ferrari
day TBC, live acts(C) Joe Davies
day TBC, Bandstand(C) Josh Ace Band
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) Josh Smalley
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) Juggla
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) Junior Bill
day TBC, Bandstand(C) Karyo
day TBC, Cubicles(C) Kasra
day TBC, Bandstand(C) Keto
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) Krafty Kuts & Mc Dynamite
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) Kreed
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) Lady Chann
day TBC, Orchard Stage(C) Land of the Giants
day TBC, Orchard Stage(C) Le Galaxie
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) Levelz
day TBC, Cabinet of Lost Secrets(C) Lit FM
day TBC, live acts(C) Little Big Stuff
day TBC, live acts(C) LiveWire
day TBC, Cubicles(C) Loadstar
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) Luke Stanger
day TBC, Coppice(C) Lurk
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) Mad Max
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) Mango Factory
day TBC, Cabinet of Lost Secrets(C) Mango Factory
day TBC, Cabinet of Lost Secrets(C) Mankala
day TBC, live acts(C) Mash Cinema
day TBC, live acts(C) Mica Millar
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) Micall Parknsun
day TBC, Orchard Stage(C) Millie Manders and The Shutup
day TBC, Cubicles(C) Mind Vortex
day TBC, Coppice(C) Monk3ylogic
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) Mungos Hi Fi
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) Natty Speaks
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) Nautz & Toppa
day TBC, Orchard Stage(C) Neck
day TBC, Cabinet of Lost Secrets(C) Normanton Street
day TBC, Coppice(C) Nuky
day TBC, Coppice(C) Occular
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) Ocean Wisdom
day TBC, Cubicles(C) Octo Pi
day TBC, Orchard Stage(C) Oh My God! It's The Church
day TBC, Orchard Stage(C) Ouroborus
day TBC, Bandstand(C) Passion Bel Canon
day TBC, live acts(C) Phil Kay
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) Port Erin
day TBC, Coppice(C) Psymmetrix
day TBC, Bandstand(C) Remi Harris
day TBC, Cubicles(C) Remidy MC
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) Rodney P & Skitz
day TBC, Cabinet of Lost Secrets(C) Rosebud
day TBC, Cubicles(C) Scope
day TBC, Orchard Stage(C) Seasick Steve
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) Snazzback
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) Sola Rosa
day TBC, live acts(C) Spare Room Arts
day TBC, live acts(C) Stiff Joints
day TBC, Coppice(C) Subliminal System
day TBC, Orchard Stage(C) Super Glu
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) Tenz
day TBC, Orchard Stage(C) The Baghdaddies
day TBC, Orchard Stage(C) The Correspondents
day TBC, Cabinet of Lost Secrets(C) The Discount Orchestra
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) The Freestylers
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) The Lasting Days
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) The Maitree Express
day TBC, Orchard Stage(C) The Meow Meows
day TBC, Orchard Stage(C) the RPMs
day TBC, Orchard Stage(C) The Stiff Joints
day TBC, Orchard Stage(C) The Sugarhill Gang
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) Tom Gatley
day TBC, Cubicles(C) Trafic MC
day TBC, DJs(C) Tribe of Frog
day TBC, Garden Stage(C) Verbal Highz
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) Vint-1
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) Will Richards
day TBC, Elephant's Grave(C) Worse 4 Wear
day TBC, Bandstand(C) Yassassin
day TBC, Bandstand(C) Youth
day TBC, Cabinet of Lost Secrets(C) Yusufla

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

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