End of the Road Festival 2006 line-up and rumours

Friday 15th to Sunday 17th September 2006
Larmer Tree Gardens,Tollard Royal, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP5 5PT, England MAP
£95, campervans £30, parking £5, under-10s free (but need ticket)
last updated: Fri 25th Aug 2006

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sat 16th, Garden Stage(C) Absentee
Sat 16th, Garden Stage(C) Badly Drawn Boy
Sun 17th, Tipi Stage(C) Barbarossa
Sat 16th, Tipi Stage(C) Boy Omega
Sat 16th, Garden Stage(C) Brakes
Sat 16th, Garden Stage(C) British Sea Power
Sun 17th, Garden Stage(C) Charlie Parr
Sun 17th, Big Top(C) Chris T-T
Sat 16th, Tipi Stage(C) Christian Kjellvander
Fri 15th, Big Top(C) Crosbi
Sun 17th, Tipi Stage(C) Dan Arborise
Sat 16th, Big Top(C) Darren Hayman
Sun 17th, Big Top(C) David Thomas Broughton
Fri 15th, Big Top(C) Dawn Landes
Fri 15th, Garden Stage(C) Ed Harcourt
Sat 16th, Garden Stage(C) El Perro Del Mar
Sat 16th, Garden Stage(C) Electric Soft Parade
Sun 17th, Tipi Stage(C) Emmy the Great
Sat 16th, Tipi Stage(C) Fanfarlo
Sun 17th, Tipi Stage(C) Findlay Brown
Fri 15th, Tipi Stage(C) Flipron
Sat 16th, Tipi Stage(C) Frightened Rabbit
Sun 17th, Big Top(C) Gravenhurst
Sat 16th, Big Top(C) Guillemots
Sun 17th, Tipi Stage(C) Hardsparrow
Sat 16th, Tipi Stage(C) Hemstad
Sun 17th, Garden Stage(C) Holly Golightly
Sun 17th, Garden Stage(C) Howe Gelb
Fri 15th, Garden Stage(C) Hush The Many
Sun 17th, Garden Stage(C) I'm From Barcelona
Sun 17th, Big Top(C) James Yorkston
Sun 17th, Big Top(C) Jeremy Warmsley
Sun 17th, Big Top(C) Jim Noir
Sun 17th, Big Top(C) Jolie Holland
Fri 15th, Garden Stage(C) Josh Ritter
Fri 15th, Big Top(C) Kathryn Williams
Sun 17th, Big Top(C) Kelley Stoltz
Sun 17th, Tipi Stage(C) Kemosabe Jr
Sat 16th, Garden Stage(C) Ladyfuzz
Fri 15th, Big Top(C) M.Craft
Fri 15th, Garden Stage(C) Magic Car
Sun 17th, Garden Stage(C) Merz
Sat 16th, Big Top(C) Metronomy
Fri 15th, Big Top(C) Micah P. Hinson
Sat 16th, Garden Stage(C) My Latest Novel
Fri 15th, Tipi Stage(C) Own Little World
Sun 17th, Garden Stage(C) Paris Motel
Fri 15th, Tipi Stage(C) Phil Bailey
Sat 16th, Big Top(C) Ralfe Band
Sun 17th, Garden Stage(C) Richard Hawley
Sun 17th, Tipi Stage(C) Rose Kemp
Sun 17th, Garden Stage(C) Ryan Adams
Sat 16th, Big Top(C) Semifinalists
Sat 16th, Big Top(C) Simple Kid
Sun 17th, Tipi Stage(C) Stuffy & the Fuses
Sun 17th, Garden Stage(C) Submarines
Sat 16th, Big Top(C) Sunny Day Sets Fire
Sat 16th, Garden Stage(C) Superthriller
Sat 16th, Big Top(C) The Boy Least Likely To
Fri 15th, Garden Stage(C) The Bright Space
Sat 16th, Big Top(C) The Memory Band
Sun 17th, Tipi Stage(C) Things In Herds
Sat 16th, Tipi Stage(C) Thirty Pounds of Bone
Sun 17th, Big Top(C) Tilly & The Wall
Fri 15th, Tipi Stage(C) Treecreeper
Sat 16th, Big Top(C) Uncle John & Whitelock

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End of the Road Festival 2006
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