Kelburn Garden Party 2018 line-up and rumours

Friday 29th June to Monday 2nd July 2018
Kelburn Country Park, Largs, Ayrshire, KA29 0BE, Scotland MAP
currently £109 for weekend, children 13-17s £66
daily capacity: 1300
last updated: Wed 20th Jun 2018

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sat 30th, The Landing(C) A Guy Called Gerald
Fri 29th, Pyramid Stage(C) Acolyte
Sat 30th, Viewpoint Stage (C) Alexander Nut
Sun 1st, The Landing(C) Andrew (Huntley & Palmers)
Sat 30th, Pyramid Stage(C) Annie Booth
Fri 29th, The Saloon(C) Arm Watches Fingers
Sun 1st, The Landing(C) Auntie Flo
Sun 1st, Pyramid Stage(C) Barbe Rousse
Fri 29th, Pyramid Stage(C) Beerjacket
Fri 29th, The Saloon(C) Boooo
Sun 1st, unknown stage(C) Brass Gumbo
Sat 30th, Smugglers Tent(C) Bristol Branch Forro
Sat 30th, Square Stage(C) Brown Bear
Sat 30th, The Landing(C) Chali 2na & Krafty Kuts
Fri 29th, Viewpoint Stage (C) Children Of Zeus
Sun 1st, Square Stage(C) Cow Cow Boogie
Sat 30th, Pyramid Stage(C) Crystal
Sun 1st, Pyramid Stage(C) Dead Man Fall
Sat 30th, Viewpoint Stage (C) Dekmantel Soundsystem
Sat 30th, Viewpoint Stage (C) DJ Fonk
Sun 1st, Viewpoint Stage (C) DJ Kampire
Sat 30th, The Saloon(C) DJ Sonny
Fri 29th, Viewpoint Stage (C) DopeSickFly
Sat 30th, Pyramid Stage(C) Dthpdl
Fri 29th, The Saloon(C) Egopatterns
Fri 29th, The Landing(C) Electrikal Sound System
Sat 30th, Pyramid Stage(C) Future Get Down
Fri 29th, Pyramid Stage(C) Futurology
Fri 29th, Smugglers Tent(C) Gallo Rojo
Sat 30th, Smugglers Tent(C) George Francis
Sun 1st, The Landing(C) GK Machine
Sun 1st, Pyramid Stage(C) Glassmasterer
Fri 29th, The Landing(C) Goldie
Sat 30th, Viewpoint Stage (C) Graham Costello's Strata
Sun 1st, Pyramid Stage(C) Hollerin' Franklin
Sat 30th, Smugglers Tent(C) HoneyFeet
Sat 30th, Square Stage(C) HoneyFeet
Fri 29th, Square Stage(C) Ibibio Sound Machine
Sun 1st, Viewpoint Stage (C) Iration Steppas
Sat 30th, Square Stage(C) Irie Yo-Yo
Sat 30th, The Saloon(C) Jam Baxter
Sat 30th, Pyramid Stage(C) Khalid Al Khajah
Sat 30th, Pyramid Stage(C) Kobi Onyame
Sat 30th, The Saloon(C) Loose Lips
Sat 30th, Pyramid Stage(C) Lou Mclean
Sun 1st, Pyramid Stage(C) Lunir
Sat 30th, Square Stage(C) Macka B & the Roots Ragga Band
Sat 30th, Viewpoint Stage (C) Main Ingredient (live)
Sun 1st, Viewpoint Stage (C) Mango Rescue Team
Sun 1st, Viewpoint Stage (C) Maxi Roots
Sun 1st, The Landing(C) Mehmet Aslan
Fri 29th, The Landing(C) Metragnome
Fri 29th, The Saloon(C) Midas
Fri 29th, Viewpoint Stage (C) Mr Thing
Sun 1st, Square Stage(C) Niteworks
Sat 30th, Viewpoint Stage (C) O'Flynn
Sun 1st, Viewpoint Stage (C) Omar Afif & Gnawa Trance Fusion
Fri 29th, The Saloon(C) Ooft!
Sun 1st, Pyramid Stage(C) Ordinaryson
Fri 29th, The Saloon(C) Perm
Sat 30th, The Landing(C) PJ Coyle & Keta
Sat 30th, Square Stage(C) Randolph's Leap
Sun 1st, The Saloon(C) Rare Djs
Sat 30th, Square Stage(C) Samba Ya Bamba
Sun 1st, Viewpoint Stage (C) Samson Sounds
Sat 30th, The Landing(C) Shaka Loves You
Sat 30th, Pyramid Stage(C) Skjor
Sat 30th, The Landing(C) Skoop Showcase
Sat 30th, The Saloon(C) Skoop Showcase
Sat 30th, Viewpoint Stage (C) Smitten
Fri 29th, The Saloon(C) Sorbie Rd
Sat 30th, Pyramid Stage(C) Super Inuit
Sun 1st, Square Stage(C) Swampfog
Fri 29th, The Landing(C) Symbiosis
Sun 1st, Viewpoint Stage (C) Taiwan MC
Sun 1st, Viewpoint Stage (C) The Busy Twist Ft. K.o.g.
Fri 29th, Pyramid Stage(C) The Hollows
Sat 30th, Viewpoint Stage (C) The Honey Farm
Sun 1st, Viewpoint Stage (C) The Kundalini Genie
Sun 1st, Pyramid Stage(C) The Tropicanas
Sun 1st, Smugglers Tent(C) The Turbans
Sun 1st, Square Stage(C) The Turbans
Sat 30th, Square Stage(C) The Twistettes
Sat 30th, The Landing(C) The Two Bears
Fri 29th, Square Stage(C) The Well Happy Band
Sun 1st, Square Stage(C) Trongate Rum Riots
Sun 1st, Pyramid Stage(C) Victor Pope Band
Sun 1st, Pyramid Stage(C) W O L F N O T E //
Sun 1st, Pyramid Stage(C) Warm Digits
Sat 30th, The Landing(C) Wasabi Disco
Fri 29th, Viewpoint Stage (C) We Should Hang Out More
Sun 1st, The Saloon(C) Wrisk [overground]
Sat 30th, Viewpoint Stage (C) Wuh Oh
Sat 30th, Viewpoint Stage (C) XOA
Sun 1st, The Landing(C) Zozo

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