Flow Festival 2018 line-up and rumours

Friday 10th to Sunday 12th August 2018
Suvilahti power plant, Helsinki, Suomi, Finland MAP
195 euros 3 day pass
daily capacity: 70000
last updated: Tue 24th Jul 2018

(C)=officially confirmed, (TBC)=to be confirmed, (SR)=strong rumour, (R)=rumour

Sat 11th, Black Tent(C) 3TM
Sat 11th, Red Arena(C) 6Lack
Fri 10th, Red Arena(C) Alma
Sat 11th, Balloon 360(C) Anna Of The North
Sat 11th, Red Arena(C) Anna Puu
Sat 11th, Main Stage(C) Arctic Monkeys
Fri 10th, Red Arena(C) Bonobo
Sun 12th, Red Arena(C) Brockhampton
Sun 12th, Front Yard(C) Broken English Club (live)
Sat 11th, Red Arena(C) Charlotte Gainsbourg
Sat 11th, Back Yard(C) Chee Shimizu
Sun 12th, Back Yard(C) Cinema Royale
Sun 12th, Back Yard(C) Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy
Sat 11th, Black Tent(C) D.A.F.
Sat 11th, Red Arena(C) D.R.E.A.M.G.I.R.L.S.
Fri 10th, Back Yard(C) Dane
Sat 11th, Back Yard(C) Denzel & J.Lindroos
Sat 11th, Front Yard(C) Detroit In Effect
Fri 10th, Back Yard(C) DJ Marcelle
Fri 10th, Back Yard(C) Donna Leake
Sat 11th, Back Yard(C) Dubby
Sun 12th, Red Arena(C) Fever Ray
Fri 10th, Main Stage(C) Fleet Foxes
Sat 11th, Black Tent(C) Fred Ventura
Sun 12th, Black Tent(C) Fred Ventura
Sun 12th, Back Yard(C) Ge-ology
Sun 12th, Front Yard(C) Gerd Janson
Sat 11th, Main Stage(C) Grizzly Bear
Sat 11th, Front Yard(C) Helena Hauff
Fri 10th, Back Yard(C) I-F
Fri 10th, Black Tent(C) Ibe
Fri 10th, Front Yard(C) Imatran Voima (live)
Sun 12th, Back Yard(C) Jen Ferrer
Sat 11th, Back Yard(C) Joe Claussell
Fri 10th, Black Tent(C) Joensuu 1685
Sun 12th, Red Arena(C) Jorja Smith
Sat 11th, Balloon 360(C) Jukka Eskola & Umo
Fri 10th, Black Tent(C) Kakka-Hata 77
Sun 12th, Balloon 360(C) Kamasi Washington
Fri 10th, Balloon 360(C) Karina
Sun 12th, Main Stage(C) Kendrick Lamar
Sun 12th, Balloon 360(C) Kevin Morby
Sun 12th, Front Yard(C) Khidja
Fri 10th, Balloon 360(C) Kokoko!
Sat 11th, Black Tent(C) Kube x Eevil Stoo
Fri 10th, Black Tent(C) Kynnet
Sat 11th, Main Stage(C) Lake Jons
Sat 11th, Balloon 360(C) Lau Nau & Poseidon
Sun 12th, Back Yard(C) Lauren Hansom
Fri 10th, Main Stage(C) Lauryn Hill
Fri 10th, Back Yard(C) Lil Tony
Sat 11th, Balloon 360(C) Lxandra
Sun 12th, Main Stage(C) Lykke Li
Sun 12th, Front Yard(C) Moodymann
Sat 11th, Balloon 360(C) Mopo
Sun 12th, Balloon 360(C) Moses Sumney
Sun 12th, Front Yard(C) Moxie
Fri 10th, Red Arena(C) Mura Masa
Sat 11th, Black Tent(C) Noname
Fri 10th, Red Arena(C) Olavi Uusivirta
Fri 10th, Balloon 360(C) Olli Ahvenlahti New Quartet
Fri 10th, Black Tent(C) Onni Boi
Fri 10th, Main Stage(C) Paperi T
Fri 10th, Main Stage(C) Patti Smith & her band
Fri 10th, Front Yard(C) Peggy Gou
Sat 11th, Front Yard(C) Phuong-Dan
Sun 12th, Main Stage(C) Pyhimys
Fri 10th, Front Yard(C) Sammy Dee B2B Zip
Sat 11th, Black Tent(C) Shame
Fri 10th, Black Tent(C) Sigrid
Fri 10th, Front Yard(C) Sonja Moonear
Sun 12th, Red Arena(C) St Vincent
Sun 12th, Black Tent(C) Stig Dogg
Sun 12th, Balloon 360(C) Susanne Sundfor
Sun 12th, Black Tent(C) Tangerine Dream
Sat 11th, Front Yard(C) The Egyptian Lover (live)
Fri 10th, Balloon 360(C) The Liminanas
Fri 10th, Red Arena(C) Toolon Kettera
Sat 11th, Front Yard(C) Veronica Vasicka
Sat 11th, Main Stage(C) Vesta
Sun 12th, Black Tent(C) View
Sun 12th, Front Yard(C) Yaeji (live)
Sun 12th, Balloon 360(C) Yona & Lumos
Fri 10th, Front Yard(C) Young Marco
Sat 11th, Front Yard(C) Zozo

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