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published: Fri 3rd Apr 2009

eFestivals is different to other festival websites ...

We're committed to spending around 10% of our yearly turnover sponsoring festivals with cash (as well as supporting festivals through other means), helping them to be even better so that festival go-ers have an even better time!

Because we want to do more than simply ride off the back of successful festivals, eFestivals sponsors a number of festivals.

The festivals we sponsor receive an amount of cash from us, with which they're enabled to add something extra to the festival. In return we ask for .... nothing at all!

It's normally the case that a sponsor's branding is everywhere at a festival they sponsor. You won't find eFestivals branding covering the sites of the festivals we sponsor. Our aim is to give something back to the festival industry and to help make festivals better.

When eFestivals sponsors a festival, we keep our editorial independence - if a festival rightly deserves negative criticism then it'll get it!

eFestivals doesn't do meaningless 'media partnerships' - we only do sponsorship of real substance.

In 2009, we are sponsoring:-
Wychwood Music Festival
Summer Sundae Weekender
Lounge On The Farm
Endorse-It In-Dorset

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