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  1. Got any gigs coming up?

    Yip. Read one review that raved about them, can't remember where but i suspect the reviewer is related to/goingoutwith/is Blanck Mass cos it even went so far as to say the crowd lapped it up (or words to that effect). Was considering steve mason but its priced me right out unfortunately.
  2. Got any gigs coming up?

    Sigur Ros tomorrow (well today, I'm on nights) and then fatboyslim on Sunday. Got Monday off work and even booked a travelodge so I don't have to struggle to get home on a Sunday night. (costs the same as a taxi and public transport is a nightmare) I would really like to go see woodenbox on monday, but doubt thats going to happen.
  3. Got any gigs coming up?

    Going to see a band called fake major on monday, the guys used to be in a band called endor who I really liked. Was toying with going to see uncle bob tonight, but knackered at work and its not even 11. getting old.
  4. Who's watching what on tv

    I've started watching Arrow. Its a bit angsty drama starry serious smell the fart acting at times but its fun and ends on a cliffhanger. Like 24 meets 90210. after work its about all the tele I can handle.
  5. Things that ur happy about

    Completed my global underground collection (cities series). Took me years because of a self enforced rule of paying no more than a fiver for each of them.
  6. Rolling Stones...

    could it have been the fella that does the clashfinder?
  7. Films

    Same as what Kaosmark2 said. I had it for ages and really enjoyed it. Great for 'oooohhhh I'd like to see that' just add it straight after the trailer, forget about it and eventually you get it. Particularly good for those dramas that don't really get advertised to hell or pushed on u or for foriegn films as well. I just don't have time to watch films at the moment, so cancelled. I got netflix trial, truly awful.
  8. Films

    Going to the national atp this weekend and actually really looking forward to the cinema. Harold and Maude, joy division, win win, superbad, untitled, casblanca, the lives of others, darjeeling limited, french connection. Could spend ages in there.
  9. Things that annoy you ?

    Well, you called it. Got a new car and it was fun and stressful. totally screws up most of my december plans though. Christmas and new year are cancelled. As are a few nights out. Most gigs I have planned I will have to go home after the gig (I know, the horror!). Not even sure if I can afford the Alabama 3 after party charity gig thing tonight. But I have a car that works, has a stereo and I can talk over the engine.
  10. Things that annoy you ?

    I just insured it as well. I really can't afford a new car. So it will be back to trains and buses and what is virtually a long distance relationship without a car. It takes 30 mins by car and at best an hour and a half by public transport to get the gf house on a good day.
  11. Things that annoy you ?

    Looks like my car is completely screwed.
  12. Hip-Hop

    Never understood this mentality, why not just find something to enjoy? Or maybe they just really enjoy being a dick and spoiling others enjoyment.
  13. Got any gigs coming up?

    My mates photographing that, wonder if he has a plus 1. I'm coming off nights so doubt i'd be in any condition. My girlfriend went to see dan mangan last night and said he was fantastic. Met him as well and says he was a perfect gent, which is nice. I have alabama 3 on saturday and malcolm middleton on the 15th. Can't wait.
  14. Things that ur happy about

    Happy Birthday I just found out I am defo off for alabama3 next weekend good times and goes some way towards making up for missing dawn penn tonight and dan mangan on sunday.
  15. Rolling Stones...

    The stones at glastonbury to me is like the footballer who plays his entire career at a massive club and then wants his little last hurrah at his local/childhood club that he's always wanted to play at. You know while he still can. His local club isn't exactly tiny but they could never pay the wages that he was used to, so at the back of his mind it would just be a nice little ending to do the things he always wanted (but you know never wanted that much). In those situations I always think why indulge them? I'd play the young guy just out the youth ranks whose scored a few and is just breaking into the international team.