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  1. Best Kept Secret Festival 2018

    Chances for a Nick Cave show got a bit better. He just confirmed a show in Dublin on 06.06.2018 (two days before BKS) what makes him at least available at the time of BKS.
  2. Best Kept Secret Festival 2018

    Nick Cave would be the kind of perfect headliner for me. Fingers crossed. He seems to have history with Lowlands, but in case he'll be on european festival tour in June chances for BKS might be realistic.
  3. Best Kept Secret Festival 2018

    Another major rumour for June/July: Pearl Jam might do a European tour that time. But most probably also too big for BKS. http://www.alternativenation.net/major-pearl-jam-summer-2018-tour-rumors-revealed/
  4. Best Kept Secret Festival 2018

    QOTSA also confirmed for Inmusic. I don't think they would be booked by BKS, but you never know.
  5. Best Kept Secret Festival 2018

    Yeah, you might be right about the age.
  6. Best Kept Secret Festival 2018

    I know, it's incredibly improbable, but Roger Waters will perform in Cologne (less than two hours away from BKS) on the Monday after the festival. He would surely be a dream headliner fitting the festival perfectly, but definitely even more expensive than Radiohead. It is announced that he will play in the Netherlands, but there is no Dutch show confirmed yet.
  7. Iceland Airwaves 2017

    Headliner: Mumford & Sons, Fleet Foxes, Benjamin Clementine, Michael Kiwanuka, Mura Masa, Arab Strap, Ásgeir, Shame, Billy Bragg, Emiliana Torrini And The Colorist, GusGus, Flamingods, Aldous Harding, Amiina, For A Minor Reflection, Fufanu, Kelly Lee Owens, Lost Horizons, Mammút, Sigrid, Songhoy Blues, Stefflon Don, Torres, Xylouris White, FM Belfast
  8. Iceland Airwaves 2017

    Iceland Airwaves 2017 01.-05.11.2018 Reykjavik 02.-03.11.2018 Akureyri http://icelandairwaves.is/ Lineup: http://icelandairwaves.is/line-up/ Schedule: http://icelandairwaves.is/schedule.pdf Clashfinder: http:///s/airwaves17 Off-venue schedule still to be confirmed
  9. Best Kept Secret Festival 2018

    The National seem very probable to me. But if there is one thing I learned from all the guessing and speculation around this year's edition, it's that the BKS booking is very unpredictable. Beside of the two headliner (Run The Jewels were definitely below regular headliner level) most expected and at the time touring acts were not (or couldn't be) booked. I personally would prefer headliner smaller than Radiohead, if the co-heads and the rest of the program would be stronger (and better) than this year's lineup.
  10. Best Kept Secret Festival 2018

    There might be several reasons. I'd say the most probable are 1.) to get a couple of weeks between BKS and Down The Rabbit Hole, which is BKS' biggest competitor for the same kind of bands and audience in the Netherlands (what might help to get a better booking), 2.) Pinkpop changed their timeslot to the "usual" BKS weekend (even though both festivals aim at a different audience there might be some overlapping) 3.) to get closer to the two Primavera Sound festivals and Field Day to share more bands than before and 4.) they already booked a special headliner who is only available at this weekend.
  11. Best Kept Secret Festival 2018

    LCD Soundsystem would be amazing. Also acts like Nick Cave, Kendrick Lamar and Bon Iver, but so far they haven't confirmed any shows around the time of the next BKS.
  12. Best Kept Secret Festival 2018 08.-10.06.2018 Beekse Bergen, 5081 NJ Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands To start the discussion: possible and fitting headliners could be... - The National (strong rumour for Primavera Sound (30.05.-03.06.2018)) - The The (first two shows confirmed for 01.06. and 05.06.2018 in Denmark and London).
  13. Best Kept Secret 2017

    It was my fifth BKS and I actually liked it a lot. Last year I had the feeling there isn't anything new for me anymore and I might stop visiting the festival. I really liked about this year's edition that they spiced things up. A lot of new food stalls, new areas in the woods, better ways between some of the stages and the new areas like The Casbah and Tokyo Hill. The downsides: - the programm was a bit weak (like last year, compared to the previous years) and repetitve. I wouldn't say there was a bad act, but it wasn't that fresh (especially due to all the returning acts). - the payment system. You were able to buy a prepaid card, but the card did cost 7 Euro, which weren't refundable and you couldn't even top up the cards. If you had cash with you only, you were able to buy the prepaid cards, but couldn't get refund for cups, because this refund was transfered to a credit / maestro card only (comment from the crew: "if you don't have a card you still can donate the cups." - yes, that's an option, but I want to choose it and not have no other choice) - full breakdown of almost all activities for Radiohead. I totaly understand that a band like Radiohead can ask for all other music audible around Stage 1 to be stopped. But of our group of 20 people more than half weren't interested in Radiohead and half of the others had enough after the first hour and there was nothing else to do musicwise. They could at least have some music at the Casbah which wasn't that loud and more than definitely further away from Stage 1 than required. I also would have appreciated to have at least a couple of parties or uptempo concerts after Radioheads set, because it felt like we left the festival on a low (I'm not talking about the quality of Radiohead's music) - the 30 minutes of music after Radiohead were a bit of an coitus interruptus. I'm not sure about this years camping. I didn't camp and enjoyed to walk from our bungalows to the festival area through all the campers, but it felt VERY crowded in most places. I have not idea why they put most of the campers on the soutside of the lake instead of "Camping A".
  14. Best Kept Secret 2017

    On the festivalsite they do have waterpoints. I haven't been on the camping ground, but if I take a look at the map it seems like there are several waterpoints and showers: http://www.ferienparkbeeksebergen.de/asset/cms/file/SafariCamp plattegrond 2014.pdf http://www.ferienparkbeeksebergen.de/asset/cms/file/plattegrond-vakantiepark-beekse-bergen-2015.pdf
  15. Best Kept Secret 2017

    Have an amazing trip!