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  1. Ohhh I know, he's not quite a stranger though. I trusted him not to drug me. Don't worry!
  2. Haha I'm well aware that there are lots of men in the world with a copious number of tattoos who are really lovely, I just haven't encountered any single ones yet. It's not that I don't fancy him, it's just that he's only average looks-wise, and as shallow as I sound, I kinda tend to aim a bit higher. Which I figure is probably where I'm going wrong...
  3. Haha nah, I figure the fact he's not my type could be a good thing. I've only ever had bad luck in lurrrrrve because I tend to go for total pricks because they look nice. This guy's not ugly by any means, and he lacks the copious number of tattoos I'm usually drawn to, but he seems like a genuinely nice person. So we shall see.
  4. Went out last night. Had a meal at Nandos with the girls for my housemate's 21st, then went to Wetherspoons for drinks with some guy the aforementioned housemate was seeing and his mate, who was rather attractive, funny and sweet. We all went to one of my favourite clubs after. Spent most of the night dancing with him, just in a friendly way, of course. Had one of the barmen come up to be after we'd been at this club for about an hour (he wasn't working that night, just happened to be out with his friends) and held out a drink which just happened to be the same thing I'd been drinking all night, and said he'd bought it for me. I thanked him, he looked at his shoes uncomfortably, smiled and tottered off. Didn't see him again until just before the club closed, when he drunkenly stumbled over and said "I think you're really fit", before asking for my number. His phone was out of battery, so I texted him from my phone so he has my number. He is yet to text back. He wasn't particularly attractive, and definitely not my type, buuuut he seems decent enough...
  5. C'mon Sara, you're so loud and bubbly though! You were confident enough to ask that poor boy at Glasto if he used a johnny
  6. Yes! There's a boy in my class who's alright looking, but he's just sooooo skinny! I'd be scared of crushing him if I hugged him!
  7. She looks like a boy. And smells like she never washes. I don't think she does ever wash This! Most of the guys who have ever hit on me have said that they like that I'm a bit squishy and I'm not just skin and bone. I enjoy having a little bit of podge! That said, I've let myself go a little lately and could really do with losing a few pounds...
  8. She doesn't rank high on looks, is that a dealbreaker?
  9. I live with a girl who loves soaps and thinks Take That are the best group in the world ever. I should set you two up As for my love life, I am obviously still single. I have realised that men only like spending time with me in clubs when they're horrendously drunk. Furthermore, there are rumours going round that I'm a slut. I've no idea who started them and they definitely have no truth behind them whatsoever, so I'm a wee bit annoyed by that. That's pretty much it.
  10. The supposedly "nice boy" I met the other week has been too caught up in walking his ex to work to see me on nights out when he says he will. I shall not waste my time on such a boy. And so I have once again given up chasing boys. If they want me, they can do the chasing for once. Which means in a few weeks I'll be posting in here complaining that it's been weeks and no one's chased me.
  11. I noticed that too. I keep +1ing her because I feel bad for her haha
  12. In my opinion, marriage / engagement at 21-23ish is far too young. Considering I'm nearly 20, I don't even want to be thinking about marriage for at least like...5 years. I was talking to one of my housemates about it a few weeks ago. He's turning 23 this year, and was panicking because his mum told him he's got to start thinking about marriage and children and so on, but he's nowhere near that mindframe. Each to their own, of course. Also, still single. Lots of drama recently regarding the frisky housemate, all sorted now, back to being just friends. Met a young man who was quite fond of me, turns out I'm terrified of commitment. Brilliant.
  13. It's not that anyone specifically wants my sister, I've just had several people tell me over the past two weeks how hot she is. Including all the boys who regularly come to hang out at my house, who now rarely say anything more than "Your sister's so peng" and "When's your sister coming to visit next?" to me >_>
  14. As soon as boys meet my little sister, any attraction they ever had to me is gone. This is unfortunate. And rather depressing.
  15. Well thank you. Got a picture of it on facebook Judging by what you've said, I'm glad you're officially single. You're clearly just too exciting and full of life My love life is...non-existant. Everything fell apart with frisky housemate. We all went out clubbing about a month ago, I ended up having a cheeky smooch with one of FH's mates and then nearly falling asleep on him on the sofa when we got home. FH was fuming at the time, and still gets all huffy about it now when we see the aforementioned friend. He still gets huffy about any attention I get, actually. I, however, have decided I'm going to stop being all weak at the knees for him and make him work for it if he really wants me. Otherwise, still very much single and very much looking forward to getting back to uni and carrying on with life. Not letting anyone hold me back anymore