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  1. Pyramid: Blur/Stones/Neil Young/Stevie Wonder/Adele/Coldplay Other: Monsters and men/ Blondie West Holts: John Fogerty 2007 fuck that was good my first year/Toots/Chic Acoustic: Moody Blues//Art Garfunkel/Seth Lakeman John Peel: Mumford and Sons - Glastonbury moment The Park: Father John Misty Dance Tent: Too old!!! The Glade: Heard some great music not sure who Left Field: Everyone in 2007 when we sheltered. Billy Bragg Avalon: Wurzels/Hobo Jones every year I'm too old - 64 - to remember the years
  2. Walked about 6 miles on a field trip in the sun. Have to do some of it again on Tuesday before catching ferry in the afternoon. Good practice for next week
  3. Just getting off the ferry and then driving to my sisters five miles away from site.
  4. Power washed the back yard which meant the mud from my wellies from last year eventually came off. Clean wellies now which will NOT get any action in three weeks time.
  5. Went for a good walk along the north coast about two hours. But I never walk for two hours at Glastonbury. There are too many drinking holes and other tangents to take. But at least I am getting fitter. Mind you tonight polished off bottle of wine and some wkiskys.
  6. Email received Wednesday and envelope on the mat yesterday!!
  7. Going since 2007 so 9 in a row. 10th this year, going strong at 64.
  8. Just watched Glastonbury Faye Couldn't go as was doing my A-levels in Burnham.
  9. Although I replied earlier related to Michael Jackson news in 2009, I had to re-check the title that it wasn't just about that year. My first year in 2007 aged 54, I remember sitting on the GREEN grass at Brothers (I used to teach one of them) and thinking this was the best place in the world, enjoying a cider with my daughter - then it started raining! Been every year since and intend to go on as long as possible. Now volunteering and putting something back to the event which keeps me going, even if my wife doesn't necessarily agree about the talk which starts the day after the event and continues throughout the year (she doesn't attend). This year my sister in her seventies is attending for the first time on the Sunday (she's local) and as it is her birthday on that day we are going to have a great celebration with her children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces and in laws attending. And no, we will not be sitting in a row of chairs at the Pyramid all day. But no doubt birthday cake and lots of cider will be consumed. And in terms of memories, John Fogerty, need I say more!
  10. Remember passing this guy and thought how quick is the human mind.
  11. I'm still going strong at 64 and once I retire in 2018 will have time to volunteer in the future and have more time to stay for the full week as well as doing other festivals.
  12. Even had one or two of these going on 16 at the time. great teenage years.
  13. Just turned to BBC 4 where they have a programme on. Be able to catch up on iplayer. So emotional the 2008 performance after university nights of playing him until all hours of the morning whilst debating the solving of the world problems. Unfortunately we didn't solve much and we didn't listen to "Silent Spring"
  14. Very emotional performance. I remember long applause at the end. Anyone remember about how long? listened a lot to his music in early 70s and Judy Collins album who sang a lot of his songs
  15. Received my replacement tent pole which snapped when taking down the tent this year. Will put tent up at Easter to get into the mood for June.