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  1. Announcement today then yeah!?
  2. I may be able to help, one of our group has to drop out and has a childs ticket to get rid of.
  3. Peter Hook & The Light

    They’d fit perfectly on the Thurs before Haccienda....... so they’ll probably be on Friday
  4. What's everyone think then?

    They can have them
  5. Main Stage

    14 songs doesn’t suggest a headliner performance.
  6. Main Stage

    Yeah I’d go with that, James maybe but not the other two
  7. Main Stage

    Headliners are there no doubt, think there’s only the possibility of a sub being announced.
  8. Main Stage

    I’d say 3rd down 18:00-19:00, good hour to bang the hits out
  9. Main Stage

    Ocean colour scene confirmed playing Sunday
  10. So here's the problem....

    You’ll have no trouble selling weekend tickets with emporer fields if the line up ain’t to your taste when it’s announced
  11. What's everyone think then?

    could be worse, imagine having a Reading/Leeds ticket
  12. Jack Penate Jimi Goodwin Craig Charles Hunna Wombats
  13. Main Stage

    Will Peter Hook and The Light not play before Hacienda on the Thursday?
  14. Radio X

    there wasn't last year

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