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  1. Lost Iphone

    Did anybody find a black iphone SE with a black slim case (and possibly still with a white battery charger) up by Williams Green by any chance? Lost on the Thurs after Circa Waves and hadn't showed up at Lost Property by Sunday morning. Pretty plain description but worth a shot, thanks in advance!
  2. Maccabees

    they clash with Magic Numbers but that is excellent news
  3. Maccabees

    Sunday John Peel stage then?
  4. On-site General Stores

    Anyone know if they sell ice? Or anywhere that does?
  5. On-site General Stores

    Are the general stores on-site any good? What groceries do they stock? Is it worth not taking things like mixers etc and just buy them there? Or should they only be used as a last resort?
  6. Friday other stage opener

    2013 and that was a great set
  7. Who's playing where?

    Could see Catfish and Bottlemen being announced soon, once their tour tickets have sold (out today and prob sold out now)
  8. Biffy Clyro

    Hopefully they are not still touring/promoting Elipsis album this summer and they throw a few oldies in, 2 hr set and nothing pre-Puzzle in Dublin end of last year.
  9. Headliner predictions 2017

    here, have a jpeg
  10. Headliner predictions 2017

    I'd push the brother out of the way, bend them all over do the drummer the singer and that one that plays the violin
  11. Announcement reaction and highlights

    Last years 2nd announcement was early march so it shouldn't be too far away I'd say
  12. Who's Touring Around Glastonbury 2017?

    Ah shit my bad! Puts a different spin on it
  13. Who's Touring Around Glastonbury 2017?

    Travelling down from the north East,stopping off Sunday at Glasto before a day off and the start of the London shows. keep the faith
  14. The Maccabees

    There's a Glasto shaped hole in the tour dates now