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  1. Definitely true, heard it from the horses mouth. Its because of Noel G that they've had to increase it.
  2. They did turn up in the end, 45 mins late! We got fed up of waiting so left. Kept our one year old up specifically to see them so was gutted they didn't show on time. We had an amazing weekend, definitely going back next year! We found it really family friendly, we were in family camping though but even thought it was really chilled out in the arena.
  3. Its 25,000 this year... had my breakfast cooked by the boss at Truck this morning!
  4. Wish I hadn't of read that! We've bought tickets to take our one year to his first festival based on all the good things we'd heard about it! Slightly panicking it's going to be a nightmare now. We normally go to Y Not but can't make it this year, figured Truck would be the next best thing considering its ran by the same people.
  5. I have a pic like that too Bright blue sky and freezing cold beverage woop life doesnt get much better! 5co77ie the pic was in the green fields somewher near the croissant neuf stage
  6. I have that hat on in all my pics aswell hehe. Gutted I lost it after 2 many brothers though
  7. Not a very good pic but this was the view from the campsite i stayed on the night before! So exciting seeing the site for the first time Waiting in the massive que to get in... Random pretty things...
  8. I nooo i think im crazy for even considering doing it. I will sell the whole entire contents of my house to pay that ticket off if I I have 2!! I dont think any of my fave pics are worth posting there all personal things like the first time i saw things ooh ooh and a man falling down a ditch that is my FAVE glasto pic ever (im not mean it does have a story behind it lol)
  9. And mine I really shouldnt of opened this im having a dilema on wether i should get a refund on my tickets or not becauise im absolutley skint...this is making me think poor is good as long as I get to go to Glasto!!