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  1. Agree Red Day. We did Werchter this year with the kids. Got the feeling that this is a festival organised by music lovers. The lineup was fantastic. The sound was spot on no matter where you were standing. Free transport as soon as you hit Belgium. Flushing porcelain toilets in the arena. Couldn't really fault it. 4 full days for about the same price as T even with the flights included. RIP TITP!
  2. Thankyou so much :-)
  3. Hi, we are going to Rock Werchter for the first time this year and have a question about camping. We will be taking kids, they've been going to festivals since they were 2 years old and are now teenagers so I'm sure they are ready to handle Werchter. However they are not up for partying all night so I'm wondering where is the best place for camping? We have got ordinary camping tickets for arriving on Thursday morning. Any other useful information is appreciated.