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  1. yer thats just how i saw it, he's been walking from the right hand of the picture towards the left a few feet behind them, you can see slight ripples to that effect just in the background, and he's twisted his body round while his legs are sort of side on to the camera so cant be seen cos are covered by the other legs... must be pretty tall but that seems the most plausible explanation... though the thought of him sitting crossed legged on a magic carpet whizzing by kept me amused for a while :-)
  2. ello rachie :-), yer made it to the wednesday meet... was a bit the wors for wear.. didnt see you either... missed the thursday 1 as i was on the piss at bus's stag do... hope to se you at the next meet! hows the littleun?

  3. hi rachie :-), yep, im going to glastonbury :-), cant wait!! you not gone pop yet? how long till you do?

  4. i am :-) see... your turn ;-)

  5. smile kim :-)