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  1. Lowlands2018

    Waddup guys, since LL17 was amazing, let's speculate. What do you think so far
  2. Lowlands 2017 ALONE

    It was amazing! Death grips, Tycho, Cashmere Cat, Mura Masa, the XX and Mac Demarco all killed it!
  3. Lowlands 2017 ALONE

    It's forecast to be raining boys ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. Festival costings NL

    Sounds like I'm going to drop a backpack inside my suitcase and get a 10pack or something, I'm in the gllamping zone if anyone wants to meet up or what not. The plan I've got is to stay in Amsterdam on the wednesday night and head to the festival on the Thursday (probably about 10AM) then I'm meeting some dutch guys I've known for a while, Can't wait now tbh. It's going to be mad, acts till 5AM :)))
  5. Festival costings NL

    Yeah I'll probs get a six pack or something before I get the train, Maybe some general snacking stuff too. Food and stuff I can afford on Fesitval grounds so that's all good. Probably about 10 large beers a day on average so yeah I'm probably fine.
  6. Lowlands 2017 ALONE

    BUY YOU A BEER AM I MADE OF MONEY Haha, yeah I'm pretty damn excited, I actually got one of the Gllamcamp tents as it was cheaper than lugging it on the plane and stuff. Festipi actually I decided to go for a slightly more expensive pre pitched soloution, Got a spare bed, just in case of any 'guests' well, they make you buy 2 beds but shhhh
  7. Lowlands 2017 ALONE

    Thanks man, lastly do you know how much it'd cost to get from amsterdam to the festival ground via public transport, or is there a better alternative?:)
  8. Festival costings NL

    So basically 450eur for food, drink and anything I may need, am I going overboard? - Lowlands 2017
  9. Okay, I actually just looked into the glamping a bit more, would you say the basic 2 person tent is enough, or would you say I should get the 'Festipi', to be honest im not too bothered about accommodation as long as I can shut my eyes a few hours and have a bit of room for uh, movement.. Otherwise I could get this lot; http://www.blacks.co.uk/equipment/255752-vango-soul-200-2-person-tent.html http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/hi-gear-flock-double-airbed-p323310 http://www.blacks.co.uk/equipment/133690-eh-snooze-dbl-s-bag.html but with luggage hold ontop that's probably going to cost about the same as the basic glamping option...
  10. I'll leave a couple skiddies in my boxers to make sure Nah but thanks, I never knew about the lockers! Thanks man, I'm pretty pumped.
  11. Hi, I've been looking at festivals and keeping valuables safe e.g not putting a lock on tent and stuff like that, basically I'm going to lowlands festival (alone) and I just want advice on how to keep my passport safe as I'd kinda like to get back to the UK after! Would it be safer to go glamping or would camping be a better option; glamping = 137eur camping= 70gbp plus hold baggage on the plane if I need it (I assume I will), I do assume glamping would be better but I'd prefer advice from people who've done it before, also I plan on taking 1 backpack, I assume clothing will be safe in a tent? This is probably basic stuff tbh it's just I've never been to a festival in the UK let alone a foreign one! - Well I went to field day but... Any help would be sick!
  12. Lowlands 2017 ALONE

    Hey, So basically I'm going to lowlands in the Netherlands alone, I'm just worried about a couple of things, International bits; Passport, luggage/getting a tent through customs. Making friends; Basically I cannot speak a word of dutch, luckily I know english is basically a second language to them and previously being in netherlands I've never experienced an issue but at the same time I don't want to be a hinderence to anyone I meet, will this be an issue? Camping: I actually have never camped at a festival so this will be a first, does anyone have any advice? 19YO ; Would like to be as cheap as possible, ordered my ticket but I haven't booked any form of travel as of yet, If anyone has any suggestions for cheapest travel including bringing a tent that'd be amazing; taking 400euros which should be enough to get insanely hammered. Any advice is super appreciated.

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