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  1. I had a look at google maps for a bit, it definitely looks like the walthamstowe marshes, if you look just south of the A1404, pretty much everything in the pictures is there, pipes across rivers, old warehouses, looks nuts. If it expands through all the areas in the pictures that means field day 2019 will be HUGE in terms of layout and we might see a warehouse become the barn2.0
  2. I honestly keep misreading it for despacito but damn I really wanna hear it
  3. Well guess who's gonna be on the first bus
  4. Even warmer down south in Eindhoven Does anyone know what time the free bus from Tilburg starts
  5. I'm pretty damn pumped, yesterday flying into Eindhoven I saw the festival ground which was pretty damn cool.
  6. The weather keeps changing guys, hopefully the forecast for the next couple days will get better but it's super hot here rn. Fingers crossed
  7. Have they generally been pretty strict with this, was planning to bring like 8L of beer
  8. Thicc men like myself get there before 10:00am to avoid these situations. Lockers by the way? - Don't wanna lose that passport
  9. Yeah I've got a card and I was looking at getting the majority of beer from a supermarket the day beforehand, they sell 24 stubby cans for 20 euros which seems like a good idea to me. I was also thinking of getting loads of snacks so I only really have to get 1/2 meals a day, in theory I want to spend about 60 before I get to bks and have 190 for beers and food when i'm there, I assume it's like 10eur for a decent sized food item and about 5eur for a pint of beer, which 190/250 overall should work fine. my run is that I've got 400eur for the whole trip but I got paypal credit if I need it
  10. oh another quick question, advice on money to bring, I'm gonna take about 250eur should that be enough?
  11. Any advice on which campsite to dash for, Looks like it's gonna be sunny haha.
  12. Anyone going solo wanna meet up or something? Staying at the Hootany hostel if anyone else is
  13. Lowlands is pretty damn awesome, I went last year, returning again this year. The lineup's actually pretty damn solid. I'm excited to see alot of lowkey acts and there's a HUGE varience as always. The camp site is mad fun with great facilities. Showers, toilets and lockers for the weekend for 25eur which I used to stash my passport in. Food is fairly reasonably priced, rules aren't super strict, it's a fun calm atmosphere and I didn't have any bad moments last year. I'm very excited to go again and meet more people!
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