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  1. Download 2018

    Sundays are always w*nk and this ones no exception. Can't fault that prediction, though
  2. Lineup 2018

    Ah okay, fair enough. I'm talking about the festival becoming more mainstream overall, which has resulted in a decrease in more left field rock bands, rather than the increase in hip hop and grime but yeah I agree with your overall point.
  3. Lineup 2018

    Yeah please note I'm not saying the festival should get rid of hip-hop/ grime/ edm etc, but I don't think people wanting more rocks opinion is completely invalid, so just putting some perspective in here
  4. Lineup 2018

    I very much agree and that was not my point. What I'm saying is people are acting as if the festival is the same as it always has been in that it books what's popular with that demo at the time. But the bands I mentioned are clearly unsuitable now, yet are just as (un)popular with the demographic. Basically what I'm trying to say is overall the festival has gotten more mainstream with the bookings, for better or for worse. And as for people wanting rock, it's natural if they've been getting mostly rock lineups for the last however many decades, dont think the Jazz things relevant.
  5. Lineup 2018

    I know people say the festival moves and changes its lineup with the times but 5/6/7 years ago were the likes of Janes, The Cure, NIN etc any bigger deal then they are now with the target demo?
  6. Download 2018

    I've also heard that but NIN subbed soni, surely he'd swallow his pride to headline a bigger festival?
  7. British Summer Time 2018

    Spill the beans
  8. British Summer Time 2018

    I doubt it would be Priest since they're at Bloodstock but would have been a good shout. Maybe Marylin Manson and Alice in Chains? Or as an outside bet, Prophets of Rage.
  9. 2019 festival

    My Chemical Romance, Drake, The 1975
  10. Lineup 2018

    Nah don't think so, can easily get more out of the current album tour - then drop new one and headline download. Think they could headline here album after that aswell
  11. Lineup 2018

    Korn, Limp Bizkit, Deftones - clearly a theme there I think he'd go down well, everyone knows who and what he is, more so than Korn, and must be a big starter act for teenagers getting into rock/ metal
  12. Lineup 2018

    Yeah I was thinking about Manson, given the previous metal bands they've booked it seems like the natural next step I think ADTR should sub, wouldn't want to devalue em so they can headline download next. Just reminded me, no idea why every rock band in existence has to completely abandon what made them big in the first place to go all out pop ( which hasn't worked out for any of them) then ADTR make a monster of a heavy album and are now bigger than all of them. Need to be taking notes boys Ino that was completely irrelevant, just came to mind as I was typing and couldn't resist
  13. British Summer Time 2018

    Not sure why that'd rule Arctics out. Roger, Maiden, Paramore, Kanye, Kasabian, Pumpkins sounds good I'd say Biffy but I'll go for them doing a Puzzle celebration this year (plz)
  14. Download 2018

    Will FNM be about again?
  15. Lineup 2018

    Tbf most these 16/17 year olds would be buying a ticket anyway, Kanye or no Kanye
  16. Download 2018

    Avenged Sevenfold / Enter Shikari / Weezer Panic! At the Disco Metallica / Stone Sour / Architects BabyMetal Ozzy Osbourne / Black Stone Cherry / Volbeat Parkway Drive Maybe swap Shikari for NIN
  17. Lineup 2018

    Yeah fair enough, I'm not saying it should/ shouldn't happen, but when change happens you know there will be people on online forums getting angry and throwing the downvotes I agree about what your saying about the people demanding an exclusively rock festival, but let's be honest for decades you'd look at the lineup and call it a 'mostly rock festival' Also, whilst I agree Kendrick / Kanye / Drake have more contemporary significance then any rock headliner could, is that a factor in a reading headliner? You could say the same about Rihanna compared to any of the headliners in the last decade
  18. Lineup 2018

    If anything has been consistently delivering a product / service for years that people have become used to and like, of course people will become disappointed when things change significantly. Reading for however long has been a predominately rock / indie festival. So having 2/3rds of your headliners outside of that bracket will naturally cause an uproar, as they've created an expectation. Similar to when bands 'sell out', not to say their new sound is bad, but you've developed a brand which gives them an expectation which you have failed to deliver upon. So naturally people will be angry FWIW I didn't downvote, just speaking for the people, and wouldn't necessarily be opposed to 2 rappers although would probably only go to see Kanye
  19. Lineup 2018

    I agree they've peaked, think they'll get a handful of headline performances out of album 3 then people will stop caring
  20. Lineup 2018

    Yea I agree and it would be abit shit, but bands have headlined before with just 2 albums and they're big enough. As for who to co-headline with, Paramore BMTH or The Strokes would work and would do me just fine
  21. Lineup 2018

    They talk and like an extended riff/ outro so 3 minute songs end up about 11 minutes live
  22. Lineup 2018

    Royal Blood could co-headline with most people I think. Have crossover between heavy bands and indie bands so Florence or Slipknot or anyone inbetween would work
  23. Lineup 2018

    Royal Blood could outright headline I think, They'd be bigger than some we've had recently and I don't think the Glasto placings relevant. That said, I think they should co-headline because they'd be boring as fuck for 90 minutes and there are plenty other options for co-headliners. I don't see why they wouldn't get Arctics and Foos in the same year if they could. Them two plus a weakun ain't much different to Eminem/ Kasabian/ Muse, and there should be other options the next year. Plus Leeds doesn't sell out so they still need the lineup as strong as possible
  24. Lineup 2018

    When it comes to rock bands that are relevant today, Arctics are 2nd biggest in the world behind Foos, and them being relevant is up for debate Coldplay maybe but they don't really count