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  1. Lineup 2018

    Could Trivium headline the pit?
  2. Download 2018

    That lineups banging. I'd see everyone bar Hollywood Vamps and Nightwish in the top 3 lines then plenty meat lower down
  3. 2019 festival

    My Chemical Romance, Drake, The 1975
  4. 2019 festival

    The 1975 / Tame Impala / Asap Rocky / Neck Deep Limp Bizkit Drake / CHVRCHES / The Hunna / Tyler, The Creator Bombay Bicycle Club My Chemical Romance / Fall Out Boy / Run The Jewels / Parkway Drive Giggs
  5. Lineup 2018

    Neil said that's the only reason. I don't think it will happen
  6. Lineup 2018

    We don't have evidence for a lot of people having summer your dates, and they have new material since last time they played which is enough
  7. Album of the Year 2017

    Creeper Idles Trojan Horse Paramore Zeal & Ardor QOTSA Arcade Fire Code Orange Sorority Noise
  8. Download 2018

    Slaves are fine at Download, just standard punk rock right there. My theory is that they have Hellfest to compete with so have done a festival for your more casual rocker.
  9. Slam Dunk 2018

    TBS won't be that low down. It'll have to be Frank headlining a stage
  10. Slam Dunk 2018

    Great announcement though
  11. Definitely don't see why they'd have ADTR under Kendrick. Still swap them for Stormzy and that days perfect for me
  12. This is fucking great. Baroness on main needs to happen - not nearly as big as they should be. Definitely don't see Converge on main and I think we can rule out 30STM.
  13. 2019 festival

    If they release an album without Serj I'm happy - better than nothing. Don't think it will happen though
  14. Parklife 2018

    Can't ever see myself going but if it was The Streets and The Prodigy I'd be interested
  15. 2019 festival

    Definitely. I like them but it would be an embarrassingly shit booking
  16. 2019 festival

    Sorry but content
  17. 2019 festival

    I don't think it's that unlikely, personally. I think they'd go down well enough, and will probably be touring for a couple years so would do something that's not Download eventually
  18. Lineup 2018

    I don't like Nickelback but wouldn't have a problem if they headlined. Wouldn't be any different to any other band I didn't like. There excessive hatred is annoying, and meant Copping was too scared to book them when tbh they're the type of headliner Download should be after
  19. Download 2018

    Hahaha completely agree, propper fucked me off that
  20. Download 2018

    Probably RPM for me, but Siren Song is incredible. Agreed on Paper Wings, absolute banger. Need to bring that back live
  21. Download 2018

    Wolves for me is there worst album. Black Market bangs imo. Endgame and Appeal to Reason are two good, solid, reliable, Rise Against records then everything before that is perfect. 2nd favourite band these boys
  22. Download 2018

    They did, in 2012 when they were a much bigger band. Tour seemingly sold like shit, I think they're the right size to sub second. Hopefully there 4th main Avenged day. That combo alone would sell me. Offspring after them please.
  23. Future Headliners

    Seen there's been threads like this from a few years back, and obviously a lots changed so thought I'd start a new discussion on this. Most obvious choices are Royal Blood, Florence, Kendrick, BMTH, 1975, all big enough now and definitely posed to step up next time around. Assuming grime keeps its popularity, Skepta, BBK and Stormzy are obvious picks. Hip-hop wise Chance I think will make it, maybe Travis Scott also. Drake, Kanye, Jay-Z big enough to do it now but haven't, could get called up at any time. I want to mention RTJ but that's very unlikely. Avenged and Slipknot are big enough, but I doubt either will happen unfortunately, especially the former. ADTR should headline Download next time around, I doubt they'll ever headline hear but its possible. Extremely unlikely, but Architects should be able to headline Download in a couple albums time, then if R&L have any bollocks they'd bump them. Aint happening though. Frank Carter I'll mention also but like Architects just won't happen Catfish I think will die. I'm sure they'd like to push Wolf Alice but I think they need a massive single. Tame Impala likewise. I'll mention Vampire Weekend, but they've most likely stagnated. I'd love it to happen though. Anyone I've missed?
  24. Download 2018

  25. Download 2018

    I think both bands could sub, but there are bigger bands about who should get chosen ahead