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  1. This is my first time attending and am travelling there from Canada. I see lots of people talking about bringing cans of beer with them to the Hive. I am wondering what people suggest for this and keeping them cold for the weekend-would I need to buy a cooler and ice in Leuven and hope that this keeps them cold for 4 days? Or is it better to just bring liquor. Thanks!
  2. Hey everyone, can't believe we are just two weeks away! Just wondering who your hidden gems of the festival are-maybe those artists/bands you didn't necessarily know before seeing them listed in the lineup and that you are now excited to see! For me it is Declan Mckenna and Crystal Fighters
  3. This is my first time coming to the festival and am just wondering if in the past there have been artists who bring out other artists from other bands playing at the festival for a jam/special performance of a song together? Having so many top musicians in one place you would think that this might happen...or not likely? (Thursday with AF, KOL, and ID would have been great for them to come out for Wake Up with AF to close out the day...but no, we will finish with Sex On Fire undoubtedly).
  4. Milky Chance vs Blink-182 is the main clash for me. Milky Chance put on a great show but Blink are a must see, unfortunate that they play at the same time when the first half of the day is fairly weak!
  5. Happy with the stage splits if true! Only acts I'm bummed about are milky chance and cage the elephant not being on the main stage-seen both live before and think that they would have been great early day main stage acts!
  6. Any possibility they have been holding back names of more significance because they knew ticket sales were going good, and that an announcement boost hasn't been needed-here's hoping!
  7. Is it possible no announcement?? they just posted this on FB and Insta: Sssh... Quiet. It’s World Sleep Day today! Getting enough sleep is so important, even for all festivalgoers. #worldsleepday #RW17
  8. QOTSA just announced a date in Canada late June-potentially lowering their chances of being announced
  9. I haven't seen anyone post this here yet but the tent 2 and army tent packages for the hive resort are almost sold out. I'm coming from Canada and was holding out hope on finding a cheap airbnb instead of buying the tent 2 package and noticed that their website has "last packages" written beside them now. I emailed them and they confirmed that they are almost sold out so i guess I better be safe and book a tent!
  10. no surprise at #1 http://consequenceofsound.net/2017/02/top-10-music-festivals-winter-2017-power-rankings/full-post/