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  1. Download 2018

    Fair point, that. Could do with a stonking undercard, mind.
  2. Nick Cave

    Bloody hellfire, that's a pairing and a half. Imagine they could be a repeat Latitude booking if still poking around Europe for the rest of the summer. Not sure where else he would suit in the UK for the size he currently is. On a personal curiosity, does anyone happen to know what attendance figures were for the O2 show? I know it was around 9200 in Glasgow.
  3. British Summer Time 2018

    Couldn't see Manson, if only because it's likely the support lot for this supposed Euro jaunt would potentially have to play daytime slots in the evening. Don't think his staging would be best suited to that. Remember a lot of critics highlighting how ill-fitting Alice Cooper's stage show was on the Maiden England US leg in 13 since his theatrics were wasted in large open-air venues on a sunny evening. Priest are headlining somewhere on the continent too, aren't they? Though Bloodstock has genuinely pulled out a corker of a lineup to follow this year. Got arguably three of the best representatives for an ideal headliner trio: the old-school veteran, the up-and-coming commercial force and the seasoned act finally given their shot at the top. (Rough categorization there, I know, but they do hit some major tentpoles). Off topic from BST there, granted... With Khalid nailed on for Bruno though, who to be main support for Roger Waters? Subbed by Texas over a decade ago when he last turned up in Hyde Park. Somehow imagine that won't be the case here.
  4. Download 2018

    Metallica seems an absolute shoo-in for the timing with this one. On that basis, I can't decide whether I want it to be Metallica so that they're done and dusted or somebody else to throw up a bit more of a surprise (within what we expect anyway. The chance of a genuine surprise seems slim).
  5. British Summer Time 2018

    Solid - nay, great - booking for BST, this. Caught him on his tour earlier in the spring and he knows how to put on a show - and has the musical chops to back it up. He'll be able to turn out a watertight 90-minute party set easy. The Maiden speculation is a curious one. I mean, obviously, doing Download again so soon would border on that festival falling into self-parody - but heard enough rumours they've got a big package EU tour with Judas Priest and Anthrax in support. Be honest, could see them more ending up at London Stadium than Hyde Park - noise curfews would rankle with them massively, you'd imagine.
  6. Download 2018

    Looks like FF are about to announce their UK shows. Let's see if it points to any festival slots around what are (presumably) stadium dates.
  7. British Summer Time 2018

    The National - if priced at the lower end of the spectrum and with a strong undercard - could shift fairly well, particularly if they make it a UK exclusive. My other guess is they either return to Latitude or play a clutch of arena shows in late spring. BST could actually be a great chance for them to cement a wider live reputation (thought they were great at Glasto this year). Roger Waters fills one of the "oldies spots" a la Phil and Tom Petty did this year. So I'm expecting another one of them, probably the weekend before. Expect a popstar too - is Gaga on the AEG roster? I think she is - could be wrong. QOTSA arguably riding a high point right now - and a festival like BST would give them the chance to shift with a strong undercard, if they're not locked in for R+L which they may be. Paramore - potentially? Feel they've dropped off - but they're probably bigger than The National still - and booking a second female-fronted act would only go down well in wider circles concerning the festival gender debate. So: Fri 29 Jun: Paramore Sat 30 Jun: Rod Stewart Sun 1 Jul: The National Fri 6 Jul: Roger Waters Sat 7 Jul: Queens of the Stone Age Sun 8 Jul: Lady Gaga Let's see how close that gets...
  8. BBC Music to run nationwide "Glastonbury replacement" in 2018.

    The 6Music Festival has seen nothing but acclaim since they began - and for all its foibles, the Big Weekend is still immensely popular. I'm guessing it'll fall more in line with the latter though - that they'll have a daily bill they rotate across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island, with four stages (and maybe an introducing) for Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 3 and 6Music respectively. Effectively a big travelling festival. The other alternative in that is that each day of a festival could be a single station and they loop the countries, as in: Fri 25th: Radio 1 (Northern Ireland ) - Radio 2 (Scotland) - 6Music (England) - Radio 3 (Wales) Sat 26th: Radio 3 (Northern Ireland) - Radio 1 (Scotland) - Radio 2 (England) - 6Music (Wales) Sun 27th: 6Music (Northern Ireland) - Radio 3 (Scotland) - Radio 1 (England) - Radio 2 (Wales) Mon 28th: Radio 2 (Northern Ireland) - 6Music (Scotland) - Radio 3 (England) - Radio 1 (Wales) But as Radio 1 days are obviously going to have much higher ticket applications than Radio 3, for example, that seems unlikely. The problem if they choose to rotate lineups across the country is that you'll be asking most acts to play four shows in four days. How many wish to commit to that? So perhaps the more likely answer is that each event will take place over four days with an entirely unique lineup - with some artists showing up for multiple shows (Either as headliner or down the bill - you could see someone like Pink or Imagine Dragons incorporating two of the four potential counties for example. Some smaller bands might do all four.) It's obviously going to be an entirely different vibe but curious how this plays out.
  9. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Luck of the draw with Bruce. Due to his pledge to play The River in full across America last year, the US arena setlists were fairly static. But then by the time he crashed into Europe, it was anybody's guess again. Picked out a cover of CCR's Travelin' Band on a whim the night I caught him.
  10. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Eee, I'd be right down for that. Except I'm also not off - am in London tonight for Midnight Oil. To all the folks off, have a great night!
  11. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Scratch that, Weird Fishes in the second encore. You guys really are in for a lottery, At this rate, they'll unearth their cover of Nobody Does It Better.
  12. Lineup 2019

    Fairly confident that Arctic Monkeys and The 1975 will be two of the headliners. By default then, I'd love to see another "new" headliner - likely someone proven at such a level, a la Fleetwood Mac or Taylor Swift. I'd rather push additional former bill-toppers like The Killers, Beyonce and Kings of Leon to one side - I like to think that EE and ME would only plump for one former headliner per year if possible, like this year.
  13. The Future of Metal At The Festival

    Alright, shifting it a... Let's say The Other Stage has a dedicated metal/harder edge of the rock spectrum. 22:30 - 23:45: Deftones 20:30 - 21:30: Judas Priest 19:00 - 20:00: Ghost 17:30 - 18:30: Bullet for My Valentine 16:00 - 17:00: Stone Sour 14:30 - 15:30: Saxon 13:15 - 14:00: Coheed and Cambria 12:05 - 12:50: Black Star Riders 11:00 - 11:45: Slayer I'd wager a large chunk of the Glasto demographic would spend good time here and there on that day. Anyone else with a fantasy island suggestion for an Other Stage day, feel free to share. Sure someone can deliver a more rounded collection than myself.
  14. Weather 2017

    Aye. Looking out my window at the flash flooding that's starting to happen and thinking many bullets (of rain, snow, hail, whatever) were dodged this year.
  15. Flaming lips

    There's a headliner I regret not seeing every night away from the Pyramid, and alongside Phoenix and Justice, this is the other. Conversely, I don't regret skipping it for Radiohead whilst I'm kicking myself three days later for plumping with Foos and Ed other the other two.