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  1. Lineup 2018

    Belatedly here to wonder what the hell went on with some of the exchanges in midweek and to also belatedly defend Permission to Land as a cracking rock album. Also, think FF, Kendrick and RB are the bunch now.
  2. Download 2018

    Kinda get the feeling Parkway will pick up an Ally Pally/Wembley Arena show around the side of this, a la Deftones a couple of years back Certainly think they're fast approaching that level, with a pair of Brixtons under the belt. Keep the price below £25, add a strong support, they'll sell either out or at least very close.
  3. 2019 festival

    15th Anniversary, bang on. And I'm honestly unsure on the hype. Think when they come back, it will be headline bookings or nothing, and the frenzied coverage of The Black Parade re-release speculating a reunion does point to it; but there's a niggling part of me that has the sense they won't. Depends entirely on the purpose of reunion; to tour three rather stellar albums, that'll do good business. A new record though? Could see that going a bit the way of the Libertines - 30k impact seller and sinks without a trace.
  4. 2019 festival

    2019 would be the anniversary of Three Cheers too, wouldn't it? Not sure if you could sell an anniversary set on that though. Black Parade, yup. Three Cheers, probably not for the current R+L demographic on a wide scale.
  5. Lineup 2018

    Didn't think they were huge in Europe but didn't realise that they weren't a festival draw either.
  6. 2019 festival

    I'd have thought Gerard would be too wrapped up with his Netflix adaptation. Mind you, opening a set with Fake Your Death would be an apt way to signal their "return" at least.
  7. Lineup 2018

    Do Paramore have dates posted in Europe around this period? Otherwise, feel the co-headline speculation to be spurious at best right now. (Watch them be announced end of the week to show me I know bugger all )
  8. 2019 festival

    I do know a man who would go back on all of his promises never to return for Tame Impala into Kanye West. Where's all the MCR speculation coming from? Did I miss something or...?
  9. British Summer Time 2018

    My word, that is a hell of a lineup. Wowsers. Also: Caught them twice before; the first time at their Hammersmith Xmas gigs and the second at the Manchester Arena show last winter. The former possibly the best gig I've ever seen in my life, and the latter was no slouch either (though I will admit I came away a touch disappointed as they oddly played a shortened set compared to normal.) Looks like I'll be saving up for this one again.
  10. TRNSMT Festival 2018

    NOS waiting on a headliner above Snow Patrol, presumably?
  11. Pearl Jam

    Top end live act; their Leeds Arena show sits in my all-time top ten comfortably as it stands. They're not a hits band though when it comes to setlists for me though - you will get the hits but you'll also get a bucket-load of non-festival-friendly cuts.
  12. 2019 festival

    Sorry to disappoint both you and myself Dental, but I'd totally see them for Pocket.
  13. Latitude 2018

    Frontman of Shed Seven, Yorkshireman. 'Nuff said on that really.
  14. 2019 festival

    They were probably booked to that effect but Opposites did tidy business too. Feel 2013 was their peak as a live pull.
  15. Might sound weird but feel that giving Royal Blood anything below headline is selling them short at this stage. But then if they do significantly drop off on album three, booking them then to top could be seen as weak, perhaps? Not sure overall. Feel they deserve the chance.