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  1. DownboundTrain52

    The Cure

    No Want on there. That's a banger. Think they'll skew heavily towards Disintegration as implied.
  2. Much belatedly arriving to the party, the news Macca will be stateside makes me regret even more not being able to source a ticket in December at short notice. BST must be a long shot now too.
  3. Cher being announced for Leeds Arena tomorrow, it seems.
  4. Now. crowd sizes aside (I'd reckon it was 6,500 in the end at Leeds), they put on a dynamite, if short show. If Amo does good business and they can throw a couple of extras in without losing anything, that should be a very sound night out.
  5. I can vouch for Simple Minds putting on a good show. Was surprised how tight they were a few years back when they played the First Direct Arena (with the Stranglers in support, funnily enough). However, I did hear mixed things about their recent jaunt; the line-up has switched up a bit, with a few members held over from their acoustic tour and sounds like it perhaps hasn't quite come together the way it should.
  6. Excellent booking. Having seen both before however, I'm just glad it clashes with Kiss in Manchester, as opposed to that Friday night being Macca.
  7. Anyone go to the BMTH gig at Brum last night? Am seated for Leeds right now and while there's a bit to go, I'd say we've got around 6,000-6,500 in tonight. It's such a shame they've likely missed that chance to top here or R+L.
  8. Can confirm You Me at Six did indeed say this - twice. Sure if someone shot a live video of Underdog, it'll be included in the preamble to that.
  9. Was just dropping by to say this. Sound booking but probably rules them out of the Saturday now.
  10. Bloody hell. That's stacked for pulling power.
  11. Foo Fighters is a strong booking given it's been seven years since they headlined, and that should generate solid enough sales - though they are starting to look a little creaky IMO. Very pleased for The 1975, they are pretty much outright headline material and I'd had the concern that they could be made to co-headline. As for 21P, I'm glad they've been made to co-headline because they're not ourtight bill toppers for me - but gotta admit, Post Malone as their partner there has thrown me. Then again, he's probably the same size as Stormzy and Glasto have plumped for him. In that sense, happy for the fella. It's probably most telling I only know a few of the acts down the bill though.
  12. Let's just book Iron Maiden, let Bruce swear about him hating the bourgeoisie despite being one himself and throw on an hour-and-a-half of top-notch British metal. You aren't going to get more Greatest Hits than the current Legacy of the Beast tour - lop off Sign of the Cross, The Clansman and For The Greater Good of God, you've pretty much got a tidy 85-90 minute headline set in the vein of Metallica. They were bloody sensational in Manchester this year too.
  13. We're going to be going in circles off this one. Not even got a ticket but gutted if Macca is shelving the dates, though that is probably also in part because I was angling for a BST show if the resale fell through.
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