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  1. DownboundTrain52

    BBC's The Biggest Weekend 2018

    There's a rumour that the headliner to be revealed is Roger Daltrey playing solo - which given the rarity of such gigs is a bit of a coup but still somewhat of a step down from the level of previous top-of-the-bill acts. The Who themselves would be fine - but Daltrey solo seems a bit weak.
  2. DownboundTrain52

    BBC's The Biggest Weekend 2018

    Extension of this, since I can't find an original thread: Radio 2 have named most of their bill for their Live in Hyde Park, Festival in a Day malarkey. Manics, All Saints, Carrie Underwood, Lenny Kravitz, Rita Ora and the Band of Hope so far with a headliner to come.
  3. DownboundTrain52

    Rolling Stones

    Belatedly falling back into the forum after a few months off, so haven't registered my thoughts yet: Gig was better than I honestly expected, given that most four-star reviews of the group I see tend to also spend a significant amount of time nitpicking Keith Richards' technical ability. Was a touch scruffy but pretty much hit all the notes in the riffs you wanted at Old Trafford. Upper sides of the stands were surprisingly empty; large chunks with folk below and above them left empty. Moved from a packed row a block across to padded seating on my ownsome with ease. If it is going to be the last go-round at this level, then there is something to be said for how good it is at their age. None of the Dylanisms that can plague the older hands - even their cover of Like a Rolling Stone was better than the time I saw Dylan stumble his way through under an enormous hat in 2011.
  4. DownboundTrain52

    All Points East Festival 2019

    Given that this year's line-up, Catfish aside, was nigh-on stupidly impressive, this is a f***ing outrageous collection. Weekend 2 for NIN and SP would be my first picks there but if finance allowed, I'd be off to all six. You know what, I'm not going to even bother with predictions. This is pretty much the dream.. I tip my hat, sire.
  5. DownboundTrain52

    2019 Possibilities (Non-Headliner)

    Billy Joel, Legend Slot 2019 1. Miami 2017 (See the Lights Go Down on Broadway) 2. Just the Way You Are 3. My Life 4. She's Always a Woman 5. Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) 6. New York State of Mind 7. Allentown 8. The Downeaster Alexa 9. The River of Dreams 10. Scenes from an Italian Restaurant 11. Piano Man 12. We Didn't Start The Fire 13. Uptown Girl 14. It's Still Rock and Roll to Me 15. You May Be Right 16. Only the Good Die Young Make it happen, ME.
  6. DownboundTrain52

    2019 Headliners

    This is very much my thought too. If you stacked up the 2015 headlining trio - the ones that eventually played rather than booked - and plonked them next to the trio of the xx, Katy Perry and Biffy Clyro in '17, it does give weight to Emily Eavis' claims that "all her subs could headline" that year. But, as you say, because of the near-outrageous commercial clout of the previous six headliners - all stadium filling acts in this country alone - there's a sense that future headliners can only be marked by this barometer. And, let's face it, aside from AM, who else in the headliner market will step up to stadiums soon in the next twelve months, if at all?
  7. DownboundTrain52

    2019 Headliners

    To swiftly reappear and drag back on track; Anybody heard anything? Given the 2017 summer festival season is in full swing, was wondering if anything had cropped up. Still plumping for AM and The 1975 as shouts, but could be either/or 2019/2020. Otherwise, a touch stumped. What IS the size of a Glasto headliner these days? What makes them? It's an eternal question.
  8. DownboundTrain52

    2019 Stage Predictions

    Fairly certain that Take It Back cropped up as a spur-of-the-moment choice over I See Fire, which is just rather baffling.
  9. DownboundTrain52

    2019 Stage Predictions

    Must say, now the Mac have their US dates nailed on and now there's no Buckingham, think 2019 could be their Glasto bow. Was under the impression him and Nicks were the only stumbling blocks on price and with one of them out of the way, Fleetwood could probably strong arm the other into it.
  10. DownboundTrain52

    2019 Headliners

    Strong sub in this day and age, I think, and not even strictly to a massive pop headliner. Very much of the Biffy Clyro/XX/Foals level (obviously not music-wise) - enough sales, recognition and currency to be a very strong sub, but perhaps a shade below headliner. Really not sure who to lean on as my picks now. Still gunning for The 1975 and AM to be two options within the next two festivals - and that they will do R+L in the others. If AM willing to wait for that 50th Anniversary date, then: 2019: The 1975, ???, ??? 2020: ???, Arctic Monkeys, ??? I really want to think that there's only a maximum of two former headliners in the next six. I know that the expectation of size for a Glasto headliner has gone through the roof since 2011, but plenty of strong shouts who may not be stadium-fillers to play. (See earlier in post, tbh. These are the sort of sales, if adjusting for the times, that would have been the mark a decade and a half ago).
  11. DownboundTrain52

    Hurt / Heal Game: 2018

    Kendrick Lamar (35)Panic! at the Disco (15) +5 Dua Lipa (15)Sum 41 (25) The Vaccines (5)Mike Shinoda (10) Skindred (20) Creeper (31)Trash Boat (25) -5Billy Talent (20)Waterparks (20)Protoje (20)The Joy Formidable (25)The Regrettes (30)Dinosaur Pile-Up (20) +5Wolf Alice (28) Pendulum (35)Skepta (18)The Blaze (30)The Front Bottoms (30)Fickle Friends (30)Bicep (20)Underoath (20) -5The Used (10)La Dispute (35) The Horrors (22)Death From Above (35) Bad Sounds (25)Dream Wife (25) Rex Orange County (25) Sigrid (32) BROCKHAMPTON (40)$uicideboy$ (25)Black Peaks (40)Metz (35) Teenage Wrist (30)Kate Nash (20)The Magic Gang (25)Spring King (20) HMLTD (15)Pretty Vicious (15)Wretch 32 (18) Hannah Wants (20)My Nu Leng (20)Milk Teeth (20) Tom Grennan (15)Hinds (35)Spector (30)Hippo Campus (25)Sam Fender (25)AJ Tracey (17)
  12. DownboundTrain52

    Bingley Music Live 2018

    So, what do you want to chase; yesterday or rainbows? How about both? But no long songs. Definitely not a romantic song.
  13. DownboundTrain52

    2019 festival

    Here, that's a good point. What artists arguably fill the classic realm now where significant downscaled success doesn't impact their live pull? Think Biffy are a reasonable shout there, if on a bigger scale; Ellipsis was a massive drop-off from Opposites but they still sold around the same amount of tickets for the UK arena tour as prior/would have commended a bigger R+L crowd in '16 were it not for The 1975 on the Radio 1 Stage.
  14. DownboundTrain52

    2019 festival

    White's sales figures at the midweek for Boarding House Reach are dire, mind you. Mustered 4.6k so expecting an under/over of around 9,000 copies. Given his last solo record opened with 25k, that's a big drop, even in today's market. 17,000 would have been much more acceptable tracking.
  15. DownboundTrain52

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    I like it. Then again, I would. Think it probably is one of the best things since then too.